Hero, Bravery and True Powers

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  • What to do to Be a Hero or Simple Truths
  • Decent Examples
  • Conclusion

What to do to Be a Hero or Simple Truths

When you think of a hero you might think of Superman flying to save someone or Spider-Man swinging on his webs down the street to stop a mugger, but you don't have to have special powers to be hero. I've seen enough superhero movies, read enough stories, and read enough real life stories about heroes to know what a hero is. No heroes are the exact same, but they all have the same few basic tenants to be a hero. What makes a hero? They are willing to run into the building on fire to save the child trapped inside. Someone who wouldn't back down to a bully or never stop fighting a super villain even if they keep on getting beat they won't back down. A person with this trait would go straight into battle knowing full well what would happen to them if they lost the battle. They are willing to do what they think is right, even when the odds are against them. They do this because they are brave. Bravery is needed to be a hero. You need to have the courage to make the hard choice. Such as two Arizona teenagers. These two stopped at a gas station and saw a woman screaming that someone was stealing her car and her kids were in there. They chased the car and called the police to tell them exactly where they were at each turn. They followed the car to a stop and the police met them there where they apprehended the carjacker and saved the kids. Being brave is most definitely not the only thing you need to be a hero. You actually need to care to be a hero. To be a hero it's not enough just to want a few people safe, such as your family or friends. You actually have to want the world to be a better place. You want all people to be safe. It is not enough to just care.

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Decent Examples

Everyone cares or know plenty of people care about the world and the people it, but that is not nearly enough. Bravery is also needed among many other things. If your not brave enough to help try and change the world for the better because you care, you aren't a hero. There are many great people out there that care about saving others from awful people or themselves. An example of someone who really cared and wanted to change things was Martin Luther King Jr. he cared for everyone, and he died wanting everyone to be treated equally. He was a real life hero and he didn't need super powers like Superman or a guy flying metal suit like Ironman. He cared for everyone and he was brave enough to take a stand. Among the other traits you also have to have integrity. Having integrity means you have the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. You have to follow your moral convictions. Even if you don't think anyone is watching you still should do what's right. Heroes are trusted because they follow their morals and don't waiver. A man who waivers his morals when he faces difficulty can not be trusted. An example of a great man who many considered a hero was Abraham Lincoln he was a great man of integrity. His leadership and guidance through the Civil War helped slaves gain their freedom. He is regarded as our best president because of his integrity and moral standard.


In conclusion, to be a hero you don't need powers. To be a hero you need at least three traits, bravery, integrity, and the capacity to care for others. It's very important to have those three base traits. You can not be a hero without them. Super powers and a lot of money are not needed to be a hero.

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