Heroism and Other Qualities that Make Up a Hero

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“What makes someone a hero?” one might ask themselves. Is it saving lives, or sacrificing your life to fight for others? Can a hero be a superhero from a movie, or can it be someone so ordinary such as your family, friends, or simply just a person holding a door for you? Almost everyone you see can be a hero in their own way. True heroism is when someone is courageous, charitable, and selfless throughout their daily lives.

True heroism involves charity, and putting others before yourself. Mother Teresa of Calcutta gave up her life to help others in need, and supplied the needs of those who could not provide for themselves, while spreading the word of God. She started missionaries to help the poor, and even cared for the sick and dying people risking her own life because she herself could possibly get ill. She took care of these people everyday knowing the risks she was taking, demonstrating her courageousness. Mother Teresa was also an extremely caring person, never stopping her work of caring for the “poorest of the poor” until the day she died. She also practiced her Catholic faith openly, even though it was extremely deadly. Mother Teresa fulfilled all her goals with a constant grace, which to me is what makes her a hero.

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Another hero who exemplifies these traits is Pino Lella from Beneath a Scarlet Sky. Taking place during World War II, it is a very challenging, tragic time period, with most challenges leading to death. The main character, Pino Lella, faces multiple challenges throughout the entire novel that portray his heroism. One challenge Pino faces is when he is asked by Father Re to guide the Jews over the Swiss Alps to escape the Nazi’s. Even though doing this is putting his life at stake, he continues to lead Jewish refugees to freedom. Pino also worked as the assistant to a Nazi general, but only doing so to spy on the Nazi’s to gain information to help his family and the Jews. This secret of his is putting his life on the line, but is humble and keeps it for the sake of his family, and all the other people in danger. His courageous acts in this instance demonstrate his courageousness and selflessness, which is what a true hero needs.

Finally, the heroes who I personally thinks show these qualities the best are my parents. My heroes are my parents, because they would do anything to help me, or risk their lives for me or for one of my sisters. My parents do everything they can to make me and my siblings have the best possible life we can, and inspire me to be the best person I can be. They work hard so they can provide for their family, help me with homework, and have taught me how to live life since I was born. They never let me down and they are always there for me. Even though it may not always seem like it, my parents are the most important people in my life. The little things they do throughout the day that I take for granted truly demonstrate their heroism, which is why they are and will always be my heroes.

There are more heroes around us than we think. You will find that there are great people everywhere who make sacrifices for others, use their courage to deal with the hard realities of life, and are always ready to help if you need it. Look around and you too will find your hero. 

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