Hidden Gems Of Croatia, Europe

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Introduction:Your love for travelling shall know no bound and if you wish to travel to Europe’s finest destinations? Well, you have come to the right place! Explore a range of secret destinations with an exotic trip that will make it a perfect holiday. So take a break from your daily routine to experience the liveliness and charm of some of the most beautiful cities in Croatia, Europe.

ZADAR: Zadar is the oldest city of Croatia.

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The city attracts tourists in abundance due to its cultural heritage and an exceptional history. It has a good transportation network, pleasant climate, aesthetic beauty, larger sea area than land and a variety of places to visit.Explore the most alluring sunset that rests alongside the ‘Monument to the Sun’ which will leave you mesmerized. But this is not all, you can celebrate the sunset on the magnificent solar-powered dance floor that emits multi-coloured light patterns as the night falls. Simultaneously, it connects to the Sea Organ which is formed by nicely cut stairs that have underwater pipes which creates musical notes and gives a ‘harmonica effect’. It feels as if every wave is mildly humming something into ears. Apart from this, some ferry rides are recommendable at the Saharun, which is one of the best beaches in the country. Krka (entrance fee about €20), Plitvice Lakes (entrance fee ranges from €8 to €26) and Paklenica are the three amazing national parks which offer you rock climbing, swimming in the waterfalls and hiking.The seafood is quite popular with recommended restaurants like ‘Restaurant Groppo’, ‘Kornat’, ‘Fosa’, ‘Bistro Gourmet Kalelarga’ and ‘Pet Bunara’.

ZAGREB: It is the capital of Croatia. It is the largest city which has a coffee rich culture which is comparatively cheaper than any other city in the Western Europe.Visit the ‘Trg Bana Jelacica’, which displays beautiful structures of 19th century. Dawdle around the ‘Dolac’, an open market that leads to the ‘Cathedral’ that has a neo-Gothic façade. For shopping, visit the ‘Vinoteka Bornstein’, which is a famous destination to grab some best wines.‘Cušpajz’ is a popular restaurant in the main square. It does not have any menu but every day three distinct broths for €4 to €5 is served which are remarkably delicious in nature.Explore the ‘Gornji Grad’, if hungry, grab a bite at ‘Trilogija’ where you can get best cuisines for approximately €11 to €12, a popular restaurant for seafood ‘Dubravkin Put’ and ‘Tuškanac Park’ which serves five-course tasting menu for about €39 to €40.Have a look at the Arts & Crafts Museum where Croatian designs are displayed on furniture shows. Other places to explore include a music pavilion on the Zrinjevac Square, ‘Museum of Broken Relationships’ and the ‘Museum of Contemporary Art’.

HVAR: Croatia offers many jaw-dropping beauties, including its islands.

Hvar, is one such example. It is a beautiful island in Croatia, and as a matter of fact, one of the top 10 in the world too! From places like Jelsa, Vrobska to The Cathedral of St. Stephan, Hvar offers many such attractions for its visitors to enjoy and have a wonderful time. The most amazing element about this island is its pleasurable Mediterranean weather with just the right amount of winters and long summers. While it can hold its guests long enough on the basis of its location, one cannot forget the delicious cuisines and dishes offered by this place. One can enjoy seafood and dishes like octopus and mussels in restaurants like Kava37, Nonica, Fig café bar and so on. Stari Grad is a recommended place to visit for its dining spots. Beaches are a highlight of this island. The most visited ones in Hvar are Dubovica, Lucisca, Kordovan. SPLIT:The second largest city of Croatia is Split. Undoubtedly, a good place to witness the Dalmatian life. This city has a right blend of tradition and modernity. Explore Diocletian’s Palace which is a UNESCO World Heritage site with exuberant Roman monuments. You will skim through a number of cafes, bars and restaurants along with shops that you can get hold of best shopping materials like clothing, antiques etc. This city has a peculiar setting. There are several places to explore like the Riva, beautiful beaches, Belltower, Diocletian’s palace, Ivan Mestrovic gallery and islands. The must visit cafes and bars include ‘F-Marine’ ‘Na Kantunu Bar’ ‘FRO’ (Isprid Banke), ‘Palace Judita Caffe’, ‘St.Riva’, ‘Teak’.

In this city, the coffee culture is prominent. Many locals dress up traditionally on certain occasions and have a major inclination towards a variety of coffee. They get easily blend in with people who show a keen interest in their culture and history. DUBROVNIK:The 7th century city of Dubrovnik should be on the top of your list if you are someone who loves to observe architecture. This city provides you with plenty of visual treats and good frames for your camera. It is well connected with various other cities of Croatia. The spectacular ‘Stradun’ which is the most visited place in the town with a lot of cafes and hotels makes it a lively place in Dubrovnik. The other places of interest in Dubrovnik are Baroque styled Dubrovnik Cathedral and treasury, the pile gate, standing as main entrance to the city has pleasant gardens and Dubrovnik’s Gibraltar is the place you must not skip if you are a lover of history, culture, festival, food or even ‘Game of Thrones’. Black Risotto with White wine and delicious seafood platter with red wine are something you must try before you leave this place. The city is full of old and new architectures, museums, churches and other appealing places.

Conclusion: There’s a lot you can discover by visiting these places that will make it a worth having experience. Explore beautiful monuments with delicious food and lots of shopping at affordable prices. You will get to know more about the cultures and histories of these places. All this will definitely make you pack your bags with Croatia on the top of your travel bucket list!


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