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“- How do you know that carrots are good for your eyes?

– Have u ever seen a rabbit wearing glasses?”

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Recently I personally checked how necessary fats are for a beautiful look and excellent work of the whole body and most importantly – good mood. From my experience, I realized that chocolate is wrapped in foil on purpose, so that you would feel ashamed of waking up the whole family at night with a wild rustle 🙂 – because night is the time for sleep! And it is exactly about the importance of the biorhythms, what to eat to lose weight, the myths about diets and immoral and deceptive marketing moves in the food industry – with love and based on personal experience, or rather mistakes, I have written for you in my book.

I am a journalist and personally carried out the investigation and did my best to present scientific information with incomprehensible terminology as simple and clearly as possible. The advice of a doctor – my mom, a therapist with 30 years of experience – is a BONUS. This is a collection of the major lies in the food industry, facts about how the food we eat affects our body, healthy tips about the way biorhythms should work. Stop ageing too fast simply by listening to Mother Nature. Power of knowledge – how to use nature right!

  • Wheat war
  • Eat butter to feel better
  • Preparation before cooking
  • Healing, healthy and home made
  • Now you are ready to start
  • I call them “Ediots” and trying to avoid
  • Cholesterol is a good guy
  • Gluten – not guilty?
  • Protein diet causes premature ageing
  • Hidden danger of vitamin water
  • Eating right is rewarding
  • Biological rhythms of health
  1. Simple and shoking explenation about why white flour is a slow poison. There is nothing wrong with the wheat itself, but the way of processing “white” wheat. Products where you can find it besides pastries and pasta, unexpectedly. Better, easy and healthy way of consuming beloved wheat.
  2. Fats are good for you. But right fats and in a right amount. Fats will help you to loose weight and feel happy but no fat will do you no good!
  3. Simply eating fruits and veggies is not healthy anymore. The reason is – chemicals for growth and the ones being sprayed with for keeping food fresh longer and so insects would not eat it. These chemicals are waterproofed, so rain would not wash it away just as simply washing it will not protect your health. But there is way.
  4. Some products from your shelve you never knew was synthetic.
  5. Antibiotics and growth hormones meat contains. The nowadays solution.
  6. Food should give you an energy, and not take the energy from you for the hard digesting. Easy test I use: if the dishes after you cooked in is oily, messy and hard to clean – twice worse everythin would be in your stomach. Smart and easy ways of cooking is here.
  7. Food preservatives is almost in every product in a supermarket. Learn how to be aware of it.
  8. The magical cholesterol is the most important byproduct of metabolism, and its blood content level is defined by clear boundaries. Healthy tips.
  9. Proven truth about gluten.
  10. Excessive consumption of protein foods acidifies the body, causes chronic fatigue and premature ageing. Read about how to feel energetic and stay young.
  11. Go to bed today and wake up – tomorrow – thats should be your daily rule. Read why – according to stars and scientists. Understanding is a key to everything.

Wheat war

Cakes and biscuits

There is no such thing as white flour in nature. Then, what do we eat when buying our favorite pastries? Packages of white flour indicate imaginary grades – the top, the first. It would seem that the higher the grade, the better the flour should be. But no, it just means – you should not eat it, it’s not food! Although, apart from pastry and pasta, white flour can be found in most food products on the store shelves – in sausages, mayonnaise, yoghurts, chocolate, candies, ice cream. It is added in order to increase weight, volume, to plump up the food (just as it plumps your body tissues after). But eating real wheat will never do such thing to you.

Eating white bread, which consists of more or less white flour – people develop dependency comparable with drug addiction – it is not without reason that you have constant craving for bread and, moreover, with every meal! There is not a single natural product in nature which you would not be bored with after eating it for several weeks in a row. It is impossible to always eat even the most beloved same dish with the same appetite. The fulfillment is inevitable and the replacement will be required.

I myself tried baking bread using the wholegrain wheat and rye flour – the result – you feel full after eating just one slice. You do not want more and more of it. Wholegrain flour – ground wheat – is by itself fundamental and immortal storehouse of vitamins and minerals. But producers of “white flour” have long been not interested in the benefits of products. Let us look at the structure of the grain of wheat. Grain composition: embryo – incubator for the sprout, starch endosperm – nutrient medium for the sprout and multi-layered shell (bran).

The wheat germ is the most healthy and valuable. The undeniable fact is that the grain germ is practically pure wheat germ oil and the most valuable and biologically active part of any plant. A new plant must develop from the embryo in the future, so without any chemical analysis it is clear: this part of the grain is the most significant and must be present in our diet. Our ancestors made flour simply by grinding grain in stone millstones. The result was brown flour, like a grain (not white), and such flour was used to bake bread, cakes, etc. Such bread is the most rich in vitamins B and E and nutritious for the body.

Modern production has led to the situation when the white flour has become really white, that is, only the so-called endosperm is used for grinding, and everything else: the embryo and the sheath are separated. And sieving is not the worst thing.

As the “ballast substances” (bran), its flower skin, which has always served as one of the main sources in human nutrition – dietary fiber, group B vitamins and minerals, is removed from whole grain. Accordingly, what remains after the separation of the embryo and the shell? In fact, starch. That is a dummy, almost without nutritional value! In the end, when eating bread, we just stuff our bellies with ballast.

Furthermore, to extend the shelf life of the flour, they reduce the grind size. As a result, in the stomach, flour products turn into a sticky substance that clogs the channels and slugs the body – gluten. By itself, gluten is not really dangerous for a healthy person. Gluten – it is a plant protein (the truth about gluten read in the book further).

At the earliest stages of industrial flour production, the aluminum alums and chlorine were used for its bleaching, which adversely affected the functioning of the central nervous system. As early as the 19th century, the American priest Sylvester Graham set the alarm about the unnatural flour processing and offered his alternative to healthy grinding, which was dubbed Graham’s flour – a pastry made with whole-grain flour. Actually, it was more than half a century ago. Of course, now you will not find references to that fact in any official source and that is why flour is white now, but the free Internet is now full of provocative information.

Test performed at home:

In the photo left to right – 1 homemade flour, ground grain, sifted; 2 – the same flour, sifted dozens of times. 3, 4, 5 – the highest grade supermarket flour, 6 – supermarket enriched flour (enriched with what – it is not known). Yes, and to enrich wheat, the source of strength and vitamins – is in my opinion funny. Refined white flour raises blood sugar level in much the same way as refined sugar. It is in all this where the harm of the white flour and bread from the supermarket is, and everybody keeps silent about that harm.

But, undoubtedly, all these measures bear the fruit: the refined flour does not spoil for a long time, and no pests eat it, same as plastic fruits, for example. Produced this way purified white flour of the highest grades is nothing more than refined starch purified of all biologically active components vital for the normal functioning of our body plus terrible chemistry. Refined white flour of higher grades confidently tops the most harmful food products. Well, time for a break, let’s talk about something nice Eat butter to feel better!

I absolutely love meeting guests at home – and in the morning I always treat them to the bran toasts with some butter and homemade jam, and I do that – FOR GOOD MOOD. Natural butter contains a large amount of fats, and they are “good” fatty acids vital for the human body. But I’m talking about homemade organic butter. I would never use something from the supermarket shelf, which has a long period of use. The period of use of the butter is 3 weeks! In the freezer – 9 weeks. What they sell for the mass market is terryfiying. Preservatives and else components that are keeping such “butter” fresh – can not be good for the human body.

The other story is about melted butter, known as ghee , you can keep it in a fridge much longer, they say up to 15 months. In a natural product, there are vitamins E, C, A, D, several representatives of group B. (about the significance of these letters and natural vitamins in general – I will tell you in one of the following books).

Vitamin D in butter helps to fight depression, preserves eyesight and memory, and improves concentration. The rest of the vitamins are responsible for the health of the skin and hair, muscles, bones, nails and internal organs, take part in building nerve connections. Nervousness, it turns out, is directly dependent on fats and feeling full, which small portions of these fats carry.

Therefore, a sandwich or hot cereal with some little butter for breakfast will only benefit you. They will help get rid of morning nervousness, give strength, remove irritation of the mucous membranes and increase work stamina. Why in the morning – we will discuss further.

In recent years, I began to notice the obvious propaganda prejudiced against fats – saying that if you want to be healthy – do not eat fatty foods and people actively began to experience this lie at the cost of their health. And my close friend, having stayed on a fat-free diet for a year – lost a hefty percentage of good eyesight.

I come from a village in Ukraine with beautiful nature where people have always lived a long time and did not get sick ofthen. I vacation in Spain and Italy – countries of gastronomic indulgence – whose population is considered the top centenarians on the planet. In both countries people enjoy all the spectrum of food. And I am fully confident that the nutrition problem in our century is not worth looking for in the carriers of fats, proteins or carbohydrates – without which you simply will not live because your body consists of them, consumes them and must receive them from outside. The problem lies at the stage of over-rapid growing thanks to chemical fertilizers and feed, spraying and subsequent harmful food processing. The banal food preparation mistakes in the long run do not promise anything good.

Fats are necessary for us just like proteins and carbohydrates: they are a source of energy and carriers of irreplaceable substances. Without fat reserves, our body will literally start eating itself, destroying tissues and muscles for the necessary energy.

Why does the body need fats from outside? Because the body is not capable to fully provide itself with them and simply must receive them with food. Moreover, particularly the fat cells contain the most important element – energy. Animal fats (meat and lard, fish, poultry, dairy products – give us mostly saturated acids, and vegetable oils (oils, nuts, cereals) mostly unsaturated.

Only a balanced diet, which includes all the main types of fatty acids can be considered optimal. The Times in November 2016 reported that a daily low intake of such useful fats as butter and meat, as well as olive oil and fish for example, can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Animal fats

Our inner comfort depends on animal fat which you can find in eggs, diary, and meat. I eat red meat every few weeks, not every day. Same is with organic chicken which has to be red, not white as we see in a supermarket. Hormones of growth, probably, made meat – white. Eating meat with growth hormones for the dish should also poison your body. The real organic chicken muscles are red. Organic chicken yolks should be bright – orange, not fading – yellow.

Animal fat is often used for the buildup of adipose tissue, which protects organs from bruises as a spring, conserves heat and creates a necessary space between organs.

Fats help to reduce excessive appetite – a small piece of bacon, butter just as few nuts half an hour before meals will prevent you from overeating. Humans crave fat to survive, this function was ingrained for centuries at the level of instincts.

Fatty acids of the animal origin are absorbed longer than the ones of the vegetable. That means, you will feel full longer. But also will digest them harder. I prefer to have an easy digestion so the food i eat mostly fresh, steamed or boiled vegetables, seafood. If the digestion is easy – the less energy you use for it and more for pleasant activities.

Fats of the vegetable origin: support weight, fight cancer cells, regulates blood cholesterol level and metabolism. It is proved that the intake of products rich in vegetable fats serves as a preventive measure for diseases such as cancer, diabetes and various kinds of thrombophilia.

The thing is that vegetable fats when getting into our body will never lead to excessive weight. They are, of course, high-calorie, but in our body they break up into components and, giving away useful components, are excreted from the body.

As for animal fats – the source of energy, when overabundant they are stored as fatty deposits. Therefore, they are consumed in doses. By the way, without admixture of vegetable oils, it is difficult to overconsume them. Boiled or baked meat sometimes will only benefit you. Food should not be fried more than 2 times a week. Especially if it is meat (animal fat) fried in vegetable oil. Fats break up and transform during frying, losing usefulness and if you fry often – such food will even hurt you. But no fat will do you no good!

Getting ready to make your dish ready

Step 1

Preparing for cooking

In my opinion, nowadays any recipe should start with the words – take the necessary vegetables, fruits or meat and soak them in cold water for at least an hour, then thoroughly wash everything with a washcloth and peelIf it’s veggies – peel and slice them before soaking. Trust me! This is very important and here is why:

When fruits and vegetables mature at the end of the season – the soil beneath them is almost exhausted and needs to be fertilized. But if in your country house garden, you can enrich the soil with compost and manure from the nearest farm, organic fertilizers will not do on the big commercial farms. They “would be compelled” to use mineral fertilizers containing nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and other chemicals. And in order for weeds, insects and all sorts of pests not to destroy the crop on the vine, plants are sprayed with various pesticides: herbicides (from weeds), fungicides (from fungal diseases), insecticides (from insects) and rodenticides (from rodents). All these chemicals fall into the soil, water, air, and inevitably accumulate in plants, especially such as celery, watermelons, melons, cucumbers, strawberries, potatoes, etc. If the concentration of chemicals of this kind in vegetables or fruits is high enough, you can easily get poisoned. And definitely nothing good can be expected from eating chemically contaminated food.

In order to get into the body as little as possible chemical compounds with food, it is best to eat vegetables and fruits from your garden. But not everyone can afford such a luxury. Alternatively, you can buy products in stores selling so-called “organic” products. Prices in such stores are sky-high. But recent scientific research has shown that organic vegetables are not much different from the usual ones: according to results of the analyses, the level of pesticides in them was 7%, whereas in conventional vegetables it was approximately equal to 35%.

It is recommended to soak potatoes for 8-12 hours, and all root vegetables in general for no less than 3 hours. Furthermore, it is necessary to change water several times. Salads, greens and other vegetables, as well as fruits, need to be soak for at least an hour. It should be mentioned that nitrates accumulate in the skin and seeds of the fruit, and in the stem (for cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, etc.)

It also does not make sense to boil vegetables to an unseemly state, this does not help get rid of nitrates, it will only kill all the vitamins.

Also, it is not worth to mention that nitrates often cause a very strong allergy not only in children but also in adults. Nitrates are stable at ordinary temperature. They usually melt at relatively low temperatures (200-600 ° C), often with decomposition. When cooking, the first water of vegetables and meat is recommended to drain.

Nitrate accumulation sites:

Cabbage accumulates nitrates in a stump, and pesticides contaminate its upper leaves. Therefore, clean cabbage before cooking, and do not use a stump. Carrots: nitrate accumulates in the upper, thick part, so it is also disposed.

Potatoes skin must be peeled not thinly, but thickly, as all the harmful substances accumulate in it. Do not eat too large vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots – in them, the nitrates content is higher than in normal, and the taste of such vegetables is inferior to their small counterparts. Fresh greens, especially not in season – just a warehouse of nitrates. Be sure to soak them in water before eating.

Do you like grapes? Many insects love it too, so the grapes are sprayed with a variety of chemicals. Wash the grapes especially carefully. This also applies to plums, cherries, and tart cherries. As for peaches and apples, wise people always peel them.


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