Hierarchy of Human Needs at Coca-Cola Company

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Table of Contents

  • Physiological needs
  • Security and safety needs
  • Social needs
    Esteem needs
    Maintenance factors
  • Working conditions and security
  • Motivational factors:
  • Achievement

In 1943 a hierarchy of human needs was formulated by a man named Abraham Maslow (McLeod, 2018). Maslow’s hierarchy ranges from a person’s basic need to their psychological needs to their self-fulfillment needs (McLeod, 2018). A person’s basic needs are their physiological needs, such as food and water, their basic needs for survival, and their safety and security, protection from any emotional or physical harm (Erasmus, et al, 2017, p.356) (McLeod, 2018). These are the needs which people first fufill. This is at the bottom of the hierachy.

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Their psychological needs are belongingness and love, such as intimate relationships, family and friends, and esteem needs such as the “the need for a positive self -image and self-respect” (Erasmus, et al, 2017, p.357) (McLeod, 2018). This is in the middle of the hierarchy. The last set of needs which people fufill is their self – fufillment needs which is self-actualization needs this is when the person realizes their full potential due to their growth as a person and development (Erasmus, et al, 2017, p.357) (McLeod, 2018). This is at the top of the hierarchy.

Physiological needs

Coca-cola employees need coca-cola to make a sufficient amount of income and profit so that the employees as well as the employee have enough money to buy food and water for their families in order to survive. According to the case study the workers receive benefits such as annual incentives, long-term incentives and a benefit package (Coca-Cola journey, 2016).

Security and safety needs

Coca-colas employees must be ensured that the company will provide security guards to keep them safe while they are working. Coca-cola must also provide pension funds to the workers so that employees have some security that even when they retire in the future they will be able to survive and fulfill their basic needs. According the case study Coca-cola also enforces the workplace rights and human rights (Coca-Cola journey, 2016).

Social needs

Coca-cola is a company which allows workers to form friendships with each other because of the accepting environment created by the company, hence employees would enjoy working more because they have made friends. According to the case study Coca-cola work environment is diverse and is viewed positively both within and externally of the company, they aim to create an environment where people are constantly engaged (Coca-Cola journey, 2016).

Esteem needs

All employees must be shown respect by employers as this would create self -respect within the employee. The employer should give employees recognition when they have done a good job as this increases their self-esteem.

Self-actualization needs

They should provide training so that employees can develop new skills and realize their full potential so that they can be promoted to higher positions within the company. According the case study coca-cola has a global system that offers workers opportunities to “develop world- class skills and a truly international career” (Coca-Cola journey, 2016).Herzberg’s two- factor theory and job enrichment: Fredrick Herzberg’s two-factor model consists of both maintenance and motivational factors. “The maintenance factors are those aspects that people consider essential to do any job for example organisational policy” (Erasmus, 2017,p. 358). Without maintenance factors it would impact negatively on the employee’s morale (Erasmus, 2017,p. 358).

Maintenance factors

Salary-Coca-Cola’s employee’s need a basic salary so that they can purchase the basic things for survival such as food and water. However, as seen in the case study Coca-Cola provides their employees with as base salary as well as annual and long-term incentives (Coca-Cola journey, 2016) (Erasmus, et al, 2017, p. 358). Their employees are also provided with pension funds so that when they retire they are still able to maintain a basic standard of living (Coca-Colas journey, 2016).


Coca-Cola also has equipment required for the process in producing coke, purifying their water, ensuring their bottles/cans are of good condition and the amount of coke they aim to produce each month is achieved (Erasmus, et al, 2017, p.358). Supervisory- People who have a higher work position than other employees and hence supervise the employees (Erasmus, et al, 2017, p. 358).

Working conditions and security

The working conditions are of good maintenance, all the equipment used is kept in good condition and facilities used by employees are kept clean and good condition (Anon 2017) (Erasmus, et al, 2017, p. 358). There is security to protect employees from any harms (Erasmus, et al, 2017, p. 358).“Motivational factors also called growth factors are focused on the content of the job” (Erasmus, et al, 2017, p. 358).

Motivational factors:


Coca-Cola ensures that their set goals, to produce a certain amount of coke per month in a store, is achieved and that a certain set sale goal is achieved through the advertising of their brand and encouraging their employees to work hard to achieve this goal (Erasmus, et al, 2017, p.359).


Coca-Cola ensure that employees receive recognition for their hard work to help their company reach their goals and they praise their employees (Anon, 2017) (Erasmus, et al, 2017, p. 359). This further encourages employees to work hard and creates a good image for Coca-Cola.

Benefits In the case study it states that the employees of Coca-Cola receive benefits as well as annual and long-term incentives and pension funds (Coca-Cola journey, 2016). This encourages employees to work harder and be more committed to their work and encourages employees to use more creative ways to achieve both personal and organisational goals (Erasmus, et al, 2017, p.359).

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