High School Kids and Homeschooling: Stereotypes and Perks

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There are a lot of false tales going around about homeschooling kids in high schools that successfully scare parents back to the traditional school setting. A few of the false tales include:

High School Courses Being Too Advanced for Parents to Teach

A lot of parents believe this and begin to doubt themselves. Yes, the courses may be considerably advanced than the previous years, but the fact most parents seem to ignore is that their child is now capable of learning independently. The first thing you need to do is assess your strengths and your weaknesses. Know what you are capable of teaching and what you are not. You might surprise yourself and be able to teach the majority of the courses.

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The courses most parents have problems with are the language courses and algebra. For courses you can't teach, you could employ a tutor or register your child in an approved online class. You could also enroll your child in a nearby community college, this will actually help your child when applying to colleges.

Only Regular School Students Get into College and Get a Good Job

This is extremely false. It has no iota of truth. Be rest assured that your child will easily get admitted if he meets the requirements of the colleges he applies to. One of the requirements is a high school transcript, which you will be in charge of. The transcripts aren't so difficult to fill, as long as the scores you fill are consistent with the SAT/ACT scores your kid gets, the transcripts won't be challenged. Make sure to fill the transcripts truthfully and keep the test papers and projects as evidence. If you do that, your child won't have any problem getting admitted.

Homeschooling Your Teenagers Will Make Them Socially Retarded

This actually has an iota of truth in it, but you can always prevent this. Encourage your kid to socialize with their agemates. Send them to summer camps which will force them to interact with other teenagers. They might also develop lasting friendships with fellow campers. Engage your kid in extracurricular activities during their free time. This doesn't just look good on paper, but it also encourages them to interact with other people. You could even encourage your kid to start dating and go for parties, well safe ones of course. This will go a long way in establishing your kid's social life. If your kid happens to be shy, you must find a way to get him out of his shell. As long as you are supportive and vigilant of it, your kid's social life will be okay.

Your Kid Won't Be Able to Participate in Sports Activities

Another very false tale. Most well-known athletes were homeschooled to allow them to focus more on their sports. If your child is interested in any sporting activity, register him/her for an organized team sport. S/he may even stand a chance to win a scholarship. Yes, about 100 homeschooled students receive an athletic college scholarship, your child can be one.


A lot of tales goes around, and people spread them without verifying or reading about it, scaring people from homeschooling. The next time you hear any tale, research about it on the internet to know if it's true before you let it influence your decision. There are lots of perks to homeschooling your teenager. Such as:

Your Kid Is Able to Work at His Own Pace, Not Being Influenced by the Speed of Other Students

Traditional high schools do not delay advancement to another topic for a single student, rather, they advise the student to get a tutor to help him catch up. Your child may even be reluctant to speak up about his lack of understanding resulting in bad grades.

Your Child Would Not Be Subject to Bullying and Peer Pressure That Is Rampant in Traditional School Settings

Bullying destroys a lot of kid's self-esteem. The rate of kids committing suicide in traditional school settings is skyrocketing because of these bullies. Your child is free from that. The probability of being bullied in college range from low to non-existent.

Homeschooling Teaches Your Kid How to Be Responsible

He learns how to manage his time and pace himself. Homeschooled kids are generally more disciplined and organized than regular school kids. They have to develop the habit early on to manage their education and learn independently. They will be able to set goals and follow a schedule without anyone telling them to. They become adults before they even finish high school and are more mature than kids their age.

The topics to be taught in high school include Algebra, Geometry, Literature, History, English, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Alternative language, P.H.E, and at least two electives. All this depends on what your child wants to study in college. The decision is left to him, your job is to help him structure the courses he is meant to learn.

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