"High School Musical" Movie Review: Unrealistic Expectations for High School

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If you grew up in the early 2000’s then you have most likely seen all of the High School Musical movies. Despite the love for Troy by all girls and hearing them belt out the songs at the top of their lungs, the “ High School Musical “ era set very unrealistic expectations for high school. They even led us to believe that the nerds can rule the school and dancing on the tables during 5th-period lunch won’t get you a detention. Unfortunately for those of us that have already started high school, we had to learn the hard way. For starters, who would have thought Sharpay could get away with carrying her dog in her purse all day without violating the “ no pet policy.” Also, no one sings about their emotions. Ever. Word of advice to those of you who haven't started high school yet, save your singing for the shower. Singing about how you got a c+ on your math tests is highly frowned upon.

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The first inaccurate scene I would like to mention is when everyone sings we’re all in this together at the end. This gives children expectations that are beyond incapable in high school today. This scene makes us think that high school is the perfect place to be and everyone is ‘all in this together’. However, it's just the opposite.”Today, 1 in 4 high school students are bullied”. “Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year”. And “approximately 160,000 teens skip school because of bullying.” Even if you say that you have never been bullied or just had a ‘normal’ high school experience, the reality of high school will never be exactly like High School Musicals.

Unlike the ending scene, the lunchroom scene is actually pretty relatable, if you look around the lunchroom, you’ll see all the different groups of people. In fact, this scene is the most correct. Except for one thing. In high school, these groups you see in the lunchroom will never change. In high school musical though, this issue seems to go away. For example, when troy wants to sign up for the school musical, he is hesitant to because all his friends make fun of singing because ‘ he is a basketball player’. For East high and many high schools, this is forever a reality. The sad reality is that it's uncool for especially for guys to be involved in anything but sports. However, in High School Musical, Troy's friends and others at the Highschool begin to accept and go on to help him to go to both the basketball game and the musical in the same night.

Lastly, The most obvious reason why High School Musical is unrealistic is that, THEY ALL SING! Since when did everyone sing in high school. And not just in the shower, but everywhere! Not only are they always singing about everything, But they sound good while doing it and are all in sync. Even their dance moves are on point.

Besides the unrealisticness of High School Musical, this is one of the most loved and most successful Disney movies.

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