Historical Context of Some Economic Inequalities Cases

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Historical context is important as it shows us why events went the way they did, in certain cases os economic inequalities. 269 billion marks was the approximate price for war reparations in 1919 for Germany to pay, at the time the Weimar was already in debt by the millions thus they printed money causing hyperinflation, this was even before the Great depression but what this caused was protests from the public stating their spite for the Weimar and their hatred for the allied powers, in fact this is how Hitler ended up in prison in 1923 where he wrote his famous book ‘Mein Kampf’. This is another economic inequality which separated the government from its people thus causing national conflict. An obvious event would be the Great depression, it originally was caused by the over fluctuations of the US stock exchange and the over investments in products most of the population already had, once the stocks started showing sign of decrease, almost ever investor pulled out from them and they did the same with banks, leaving the population with no money, in return the government decided to print more notes, decreasing the face value of the dollar into millions. This economical inequality is what many historians believe is the leading trail for the cause of the Second World War.

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Historically this event created a widespread increase in individuals residing in the lower class, similarly President Hoover didn’t make the situation better by creating hubs for the homeless individuals to reside, they were historically named Homerville’s which are still notorious for their disgusting odors, sights and living conditions. Many believed the American dream had died and it was not wrong for them to assume this as this economical crash had caused European nations such as Italy to invading Abyssinia to prevent the population of Italians from thinking about economical instabilities as it would fill them with nationalistic propaganda, this invasion is the cause and effect of an economic inequality. Before this the shatter point had affected Japan as them being a large trader with the US in the 1920s, saw a major economical downfall which forced them to invade Manchuria as it was a silver rich territory causing war between both nations all the way back in 1935. Similar this issue had spread to Germany, an already in debt and hyper inflated, economically destroyed nation to turn to their last resort which was the Nazi “socialist” party in 1933 which promised them economic riches and the destruction of the agreements of the 1919 Versailles settlements, now this is another effect due to the great depression of 1929, as if we follow the historical timeline, we know that he follows his crusade of European territories such as the Anschluss with Austria, remilitarization of the Rhine, Czechoslovakian territory also taken under Nazi control including the Sudetenland and finally Poland, this Nationalistic crusade of the 1930s was all created from one shatter point which opened up its gates in 1929 which was the economic failure, causing an inequality named the Great depression. This was during the pre-modern era on our timeline but if we look into the 1980s we saw a similar fate occur in Europe. Khrushchev was no longer in full control of Eastern Europe, nations such as Poland have successfully launched anticommunist protests such as the ones lead by Lech Walesa of the Solidarity movement, one of their major points was the economic failures caused by the socialists ideology that had controlled most of eastern Europe since 1950, thus a conflict was brought to the face of humanity as an international issue had been reborn due to economic inequalities. Russians were leading themselves into Eastern European markets and works spaces, pushing out most of the locals for Russians causing a wage gap of sorts, basically the population residing in the nation couldn’t find jobs as Russians had already taken those positions. This eventually led to the collapse of the Communists and an everlasting power struggle is Russia that still echoes itself into existence today.

This same issue shattered through its European boundaries and made its way into Africa, specifically the Nation Somalia. Somalia had seen the fall of the communists in the 1980s, their government was formed in 1969 as a communist proxy thus once the USSR fell, so did the Somalia’s soon after. Most of the population were maritime based or even based on fishing thus when the government collapsed, the only thing the population had was their ships, it was almost a perfect storm that brewed from the crumbling of the red snow towards the North… this Economic instability caused a nation that was surpassing other African nations at its time to fall into a historical phase of Piracy, the fisherman would steal, resell or even take hostages and ransomed them back to their respective nations for millions of dollars to support their hyper inflated and failed economy. A nation went from a governed society to clanship and guilds like it was the renaissance reborn in a postmodern age.

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