Main Principles of Tod’s Look

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Main Principles of Tod’s Look

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Table of Contents

  • Tod’s History and Background
  • Brand Communication
  • Audience- High Networth Millennials
  • Media- Combination of Print and Digital Media
    Digital Media
    Official Website of the Brand
  • Physique
  • Personality
  • Brand Portfolio and Architecture
  • Tod’s Brand Portfolio
    The Tod’s Group Adopts a Double Management Approach
    Brand Architecture
    Tod’s SpA
    Roger Vivier
  • Current Status:
  • The Tod’s Group Adopts a Double Management Approach

Tod’s History and Background

In the 1900’s, Filippo Della Valle started a shoe factory in the Marches region of Italy., however Diego Della Valle's, Filippo Della Valle grandson had a much larger vision for the company. Hailing from a family of shoe makers, he was always was fascinated with shoes, during his time in New York, he came across a driving shoe, a Portuguese- manufactured slipper with rubber soles and stud embellishment designed for driving, he worked on his model back home and created it in a very soft handmade slip on that became an iconic Tods Gommino model with its 133 rubber pebbles. Diego Della Valle had good marketing skills, he gifted the Gommino model to Giovanni Agnelli a charismatic Italian businessman. He wore the same pair for an television interview, which got Tod’s a lot of visibility and drove the sales and expanded it into industrial company in 1970’s. Diego Della Valle became the chairman in 1980’s,he enhanced the brand portfolio by adding brands Hogan, a sportswear brand and Fay, a ready-to-wear and Roger Vivier.

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The Tod’s look gained momentum in 1996 when vintage pictures of Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant were used for Tod’s campaign. The label introduced a new category- handbags in 1997, D-bag was the first edition of handbags, came in five sizes catering to different preferences. Creative Director Derek Lam, introduced RTW womens wear in 2006.Tod’s while it keeps its history and tradition of craftsmanship intact, it imbibes contemporary designs in its collection effortlessly.

The brand’s focus is majorly 80-20 ratio, accessories being the prime focus and ready to wear coming second. The brand’s philosophy in the words of Diego Della Valle “We need to keep the same aesthetics. We need to make sure we have recognisable touches, such as our stitching, our initials. Our women's laser cut is becoming iconic, but what's always special about our products is the leather, the story behind it, its softness and suppleness that makes it impossible not to touch. The power of a brand comes from touch.”

Tod’s Icons are:

  • Men’s Gommimo
  • D-cube bag
  • Women’s Gommimo

Tod’s has become a synonym of luxury and elegance all over the world, with a worldwide spread market that makes the group gain almost 800 millions of Euros each year. Under the Tod’s group we can find, apart from the same Tod’s line, Hogan, Fay and the licensed brand Roger Vivier, all specialized in shoes and leather goods production.

Shoes and bags are only the most important items, which go side by side with other leather goods, as well as lines of high-fashion for men, women and children and accessories that go from jewellery and watches to sunglasses and also eyewear. All the lines are produced by the different brands that have been forming the Tod’s group since its great outburst when it started to expand. The inspiration behind Tod’s creative leather goods and shoes comes mostly from Italian traditions and arts. Given this mutual relationship, Tod’s group has been committing itself to cultural initiatives, sponsoring and promoting different kind of activities, from expositions to theatre representations. The Italian’s luxury brand even included in its advertisement campaign two short films that represented the production story of Tod’s shoe through a ballet. They focus and represent the Italian culture in all possible ways. However, the brand has relied extensively and solely on one model since it was first founded, which at some point led to a lack in the excitement it used to hold.

Tod’s has understood and made it clear that a beautiful and comfortable shoe can change not only the way you look, but the way you feel, live, walk…or dance. After focusing for too long on the same iconic element represented by the loafer, Tod’s has started to fall into the loop of repetition and has somehow lost the appeal and the element of surprise it once had. This has also been reflected in the company’s financial performance. Net profits dropped to 134 million euros last year from 145.5 million euros in 2012, which constitutes a 7.9% decline. The experience and excitement, which is essential for any luxury brand to offer, has lost its flare. The positive side of the spectrum is that the company is aware of this fact and is working on shifting the brand into more of a luxury maison; thus diversifying its offerings beyond just high quality Italian shoes.

Brand Communication

Brand communication refers to the techniques adopted by the brand to influence the target customer’s opinions. A good brand image is created with the help of effective brand communication. Being a lifestyle brand, Tod’s efficiently integrates storytelling in their brand communication to ensure impactful visibility.

The cornerstones of good communication strategy followed by Tod’s:

Audience- High Networth Millennials

Media- Combination of Print and Digital Media

Message-“Leave your mark”, indulgence in elegant and contemporary lifestyle.

Digital Media

Tod’s ensures maximum brand visibility on various social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and Google+.

With 1m followers on Instagram, the effectively showcases the new collections, various advertising campaigns and snapshots of various celebrities casually wearing and using their products.

With 1.2m followers on Facebook, the page shows their latest collections and collaborations. The page is user friendly with an effective portrayal of their brand values.

With 1401 followers on Google+, this page effectively showcases their collections with photos and videos.

With 8k followers on Pinterest, this page includes all their advertising campaigns and new collections.

Official Website of the Brand

Tod’s keep their customers regularly updated on all news and latest launches by their monthly newsletters. From details about their skilled craftsmanship to latest advertising campaigns, the official website includes all information required to know the soul of the brand.

Following are the elements in Kapferer’s brand identity prism:


This element explains the set of sensory and physical characteristics of a brand. Tod’s has wide range of products with high quality leather. Its iconic products are Gommino, moccasin, etc.


Personality of brand can be seen how is the brand communicating their values and how is it perceived by its customers. Tod’s brand character can be defined as classy, sporty and sophisticated. It is perfect blend of Italian tradition, craftsmanship and modernity.


Culture refers to the values adapted from their place of origin, their traditions and heritage. Tod’s creates a bridge between past and present by incorporating values of Italian culture and craftsmanship in their products and designs.


This element tells us how the target audience sees themselves while using the product. Tod’s customers include individuals who look for a mixture of tradition and new trends. They value quality and functionality with the expertise of finest craftsman and their handmade product.


Reflection can be explained as perception of the target audience by the brand which is portrayed and incorporated to define their customer and also for promotional purposes. Tod’s associates with a customer base of high net worth millenials seeking a contemporary lifestyle and effortless elegance.


Relationship can be explained as rapport between the customers and the brand. It also explains how the brand communicates. The brand communicates itself as one of the most prestigious brand producing range of products which are a perfect mix of tradition and modernity, apt for a contemporary lifestyle.

Brand Portfolio and Architecture

Tod’s Brand Portfolio

Brand portfolio is the umbrella under which the all the sub-brands of a brand function to serve the needs of the consumers of the various market segments. Since Tod’s group has Tod’s, Hogan, Fay, and Roger Vivier under it, it can clearly be termed as a House of brands. The group operates 270 stores (Direct operated+ Franchised stores) and yields a total sales revenue of €965.5 million as of 2017, approximately 70 % of which has been generated from exports.

The Tod’s Group Adopts a Double Management Approach

a vertical strategic decision-making process in the upstream to ensure the entire group achieves cost and operation efficiency and a horizontal operating process in the downstream to guarantee a diversified identity of brands in terms of design, marketing, and retail management.

The group employs a hybrid branding strategy, wherein the core brand Tod’s utilizes a corporate dominant strategy while the other brands (Fay, Hogan, and Roger Vivier) prefer brand dominant strategies. Tod’s, the group’s core brand, currently leads the group’s global markets, representing approximately 60 % of overall sales in 2017 and 70 % of its stores worldwide.

Brand Architecture


the creation of Mr. Della Diego vale has still being following the Italian roots in luxury shoe making and has been growing consistently within the international markets.

Today this global powerhouse is not the only brand in the Tods group. It now has 4 more individual brands within the TODS spa.

Tod’s SpA

Tod's SpA is one of the operating holding of a Group and amongst the leading players in the world of luxury goods, with the brand names Tod's, Hogan, Fay and Roger Vivier.

The brands of the group have their own personal identity and follow the same philosophy of a mix of tradition, high quality and creativity. Every product is hand crafted with special high skilled techniques and this is what makes these products highly exclusive. The four leading luxury brands are iconic and do not follow the fashion trends to change their designs.


Tod’s: It is one of the famous luxury shoe and leather goods brand that has been exclusive with its products and has become an icon in the industry. Tods is known as a symbol of the perfect combination of tradition, quality and modernity. Each product is hand-crafted with highly-skilled techniques.


Hogan belongs to the Tods spa group and is known for sneakers. The shoes are chic, Comfortable and dynamic. It is one of the most representative Italian brand with made in Italy synonym. The first model made in 1986, inspired sneakers from the trunk to the world of cricket. The iconic Interactive came into being in 1997 and is still the most popular production, symbol of formal elegance.


Fay is a casual wear brand that was created in the mid 80’s. better represent. This brand was born in the 60’s with the production of casual chic jackets. Fay began to create cardigans, pants, t-shirts and accessory too, for both men and women, when the Della Valle Group bought it in the 80’s.

Roger Vivier

Started in the early 1950’s Vivier designed extravagant, luxuriantly embellished shoes he described as sculptures. The artistic heritage and exceptional tradition of the Maison Roger Vivier found new life with the renaissance of the brand in 2003 through the acquisition of Diego Della Valle.

Today, Roger Vivier continues supporting the talent and excellence of outstanding women such as Cate Blanchet, Scarlett Johansson, Charlize Theron, Sharon Stone, Marion Cotillard and many more.


Tod’s is one of biggest revenue source for the group and has been growing its popularity throughout the world.

TODS has a number of associated brands and a strong international presence. It has also indulged in various collaborations. Some famous collaborations are as follows:

  1. Timeless collection- a limited edition book celebrating lady Diana
  2. An Italian dream- visual interpretation of the Italian culture and dream
  3. Icons by Icon-Elliot Erwin and tods collaborate for a photographic project
  4. Pop touch by David lachapelle
  5. Vanessa bee croft displays tods craftsmanship with the help of dance skills
  6. Krystal Italian journey- the famous Korean blogger expresses love for tods
  7. #chiaralovestods- collab with famous blogger Chiara ferragini
  8. tods surf- inspiration by California surf style inspires tods collection

Current Status:

  • #leaveyourmark
  • The current trend that tods is displaying is famously known as leave your mark collection.
  • Brand lifecycle
  • Tod's
  • Hogan
  • Fay
  • Roger Vivier

From the above positioning of brands on the lifecycle curve we realize that Tod’s is at it’s peak position of maturity followed by Hogan. Roger Vivier is entering the maturity phase whereas Fay is still in the growth phase.

The Tod’s Group Adopts a Double Management Approach

a vertical strategic decision-making process in the upstream to ensure the entire group achieves cost and operation efficiency and a horizontal operating process in the downstream to guarantee a diversified identity of brands in terms of design, marketing, and retail management.

The group employs a hybrid branding strategy, wherein the core brand Tod’s utilizes a corporate dominant strategy while the other brands (Fay, Hogan, and Roger Vivier) prefer brand dominant strategies.

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