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Google is a search engine that was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were Ph.D. students at Stanford University in California. The word Google is derived from the math terminology ‘googol’ which means one followed by one hundred zeros (1*10100). Google can be used to translate web pages to and from other languages. Google Inc. recorded a net worth of one trillion dollars in the year 2017 Branding is the process involved in making an inimitable name and image for a product in the customers’ mind, mainly through marketing campaigns with a constant theme. Branding aims to create a substantial and distinguished existence in the bazaar that entices and keeps in mind loyal customers.

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Importance of Branding to Google

Branding expands recognition

One of main apparatuses of a brand is a logo because, as the “face” of an organization, it’s what individuals rapidly identify. A professional logo design is simple enough to be notable, but commanding enough to give the anticipated impression of your business. These are the logos Google has used since its birth.

Marketing Generates Trust

When Google presents itself in a proficient way, and when there is communal proof that their products and service are of class, projections will believe that customers feel more at ease giving it their hard-earned cash.

Increase the value of Google’s business

If Google presents a well-rounded organization package, including marketing resources and pictures, its business will look more comprehensive and more attractive to probable consumers. Brands are one of the most treasured assets an organization has, as brand equity is one of the features that can upsurge the economic value of an organization.

Increased creditability

Brand work can help increase Google’s credibility by improving the perception of its business. People buy more from companies they trust. Branding is an easy notion that every single business, be it size or age should accomplish to do with ease. However, the task comes in when it is time to manage the brand, to uninterruptedly keep the business soaring high and regrettably, this is where most organizations come crashing right down to earth. Having said that, we can now take a look at how Google has been able to brand itself for now more than two decades since it was stated a community search engine.

How Google Manages its Brand Successfully Overtime

It’s free for all- google doesn’t charge its clients for the services they render. If we were to go back, 20 years in time to 1998, and google was introduced, everyone would want to try it. Humans have been deemed as curious beings hence the phrase ‘curiosity killed the cat’ referring to. It is an unapproved, however, it costs nothing to try and you have nothing to lose either why would you want to try something new and unapproved? But why not? you pay zero and you lose zero. This trend lasts till today! Everyone wants to try out new stuff that are free, free online streaming, free shopping among others.

A Culture of Conversation

What the search engine has so brilliantly done is to create a culture of conversation. Within the Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing industries, Google is not only some abstract corporate concept, it is its users. Google has literally given its company human faces that drive the conversation, again literally. By opening up itself in this way to the public, or in specific to its industry voices, Google has fostered a communicative environment that is quite interactive. The obvious upshot is that all of this talking center on one thing Google!

Quality to Create a Society of High Quality

Offering a quality product or service is the most important requirement from the start. Google obviously presents a quality product. What sets Google apart is what they do with their quality product, how they “work it” so to speak. Google capitalizes on their product quality by not just assuming a position of authority, not just running with such a position, but taking their place at the top of the authority food chain. What’s interesting is that Google portrays authority within their own framework, within their own system. In other words, Google is the authority on Google.

The brilliance here is very subtle. When Google releases blog posts from its webmasters, when its Googlers make authoritative statements related to search and so forth, Google, in the immediate sense, is offering commentary on itself, on how it functions, and how it considers things, etc. However, in each of these small statements there is a very subtle and extremely powerful assertion, an implicit declaration if you will. “We know how to do search and we know what search should look like.” When Google announces a new penalty on some sort of spam-like content, they aren’t just saying that this sort of spammy content has no place within Google and its search results, they are saying that this sort of content has no business being within search altogether.

As a result, and most interestingly, by being the expert on themselves, by coming off as authority within their own universe, Google offers the subtle yet unbelievably powerful statement of what search overall should look like.

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