Gaddafi's Personality in a Novel "In the Country of Man"

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In the novel “In the Country of Men” Muammar Gaddafi has the power and controls Libya which he is ruthless dictator. There are many reasons why Gaddafi was forcibly removed then killed because of the bad things he has done for the people of Libya. He centralized power for himself and his family. There is lack of democracy in Libya that’s why there was so much hatred towards him. He ruled Libya for 42 years.

He was an intelligent, resourceful man, but he did not receive a thorough education, apart from learning to read the Koran and his military training.Ustath Rashid and Suleiman’s father strongly believe in democracy and are rebels, soon after Ustath Rashid is viewed as traitor and he must be killed. Suleiman’s friend Kareem lives next door and Kareem’s father Ustath Rashid is an intelligent man who demonstrates love towards Suleiman and takes his time to explain things unlike his own father who doesn’t care about the his wife or his son. Members of the revolutionary committee came to Ustath Rashid house and quickly took him away.

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No one is allowed to speak against the government or they will get hanged as a punishment. As Suleiman’s mom said “They hanged them by their necks…The foolish dreamers! And it’s foolish and irresponsible to encourage them” when Moosa was talking about to strike but she didn’t agree.Ustath Rashid is a professor which he teaches history and the history of Libya no one should know about because otherwise everyone will go against Gaddafi.When Gaddafi was taken away they asked if baba was part of them too but he said no to save his life even though everyone said he was a traitor but he was loyal and got himself killed in front of everyone.

Suleiman was watching the TV when he saw Ustath Rashid and told his mom to come. Baba is a rebel too so the books he wrote and had about democracy his wife and Moosa burned them all even though he loved his books but they had to save his life because the revolutionary committee came to their house to check. No one deserves death as their punishment when they were fighting for democracy that’s why Gaddafi was captured then killed because he gave everyone problems in Libya and hurt everyone because he doesn’t care. Gaddafi failed to determine the mood of the Libyan people. Till the last he believed that the people loved him but that wasn’t the case at all because he never heard the voices of the Libyan people on what they had to say. When Gaddafi died everyone in fact was happy that he was gone

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