The Historical Origins of Surgery

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Surgery has been around all of our lives and always seemed like a safe procedure cause of all the advanced technology we’re so used to and amazing drugs to let us sleep through the whole procedure. Although, our ancestors weren’t so lucky. Every idea and everything we have now was once just a thought along with many failures. Even now, there’s so many different medical trials that are unsuccessful and end up with the worse possible outcome; death. Or so some people say it’s the worse outcome, others see it as a lesson and change things to finally have a successful trial and help others with all these ugly diseases that gives us no chance.

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Back in B.C. times there’s evidence that Egyptians we’re one the first people to discover the human anatomy. In order for mummies to be created, the would take out all of the organs so they wouldn’t rot. Greeks and Egyptians would use natural types of “foods” like honey and wine. Honey would prevent infections used as a natural antiseptic and wine would be a way to kill bacteria cause of the alcohol. Although the Greeks and Egyptians were pretty advanced in their era, Indians were the most advanced. They were the first ones to preform rhinoplasty surgery. It’s kind of hard to imagine how people would just open up people up, with little to none correct instruments to preform surgeries but like I said earlier we all start by somewhere.

In the 16th century we were introduced to one of the great Leonardo Da Vinci. Where he would dissect bodies and drew pictures of exactly what he saw. That to me was such a big start to people having a bigger image of taking care of ourselves knowing we can damage so much. And more so people who were doctors and didn’t know exactly what they were looking for when they would open up a human being. Another great person from this era was Ambroise Pare. He was known for using hot oil to treat wounds. Until one day there was no oil and he needed to find/make something that would work just as great or nearly. Which he did by mixing egg yolks, rose oil, and turpentine which in fact worked and he found out it was actually treating the wounds better than just the oil. So in this era more discoveries were made by images and experimenting new products to help treat wounds.

Now lets skip over to the 20th and 21st century where we are at now. We are still trying to cure plenty of diseases and find the less invasive way to help patients to recover faster and live a healthy life. Like I said earlier we are always trying to improvise and do better. A crazy idea, with a positive mindset could save lives. Maybe one day we will be able to go into a persons body with minimal incision and complete a major complication. As well as cure nasty diseases.

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