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History Timeline of the Ipod Development

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The company found that the digital music players are not user-friendly, so the Apple Company determined to develop their own. “Music is important for everyone, it always be around, no boundaries.” The iPod is an mp3 music player that having a CD quality music and it plays all the popular open format of digital music. iPod allows users to use it in many cases, since it is portable which is able to put it in the pocket with keeping a thousand songs. There are some basic functions of the iPod, the mechanical scroll wheel that could be rotated, for selecting different choices of the options. It was surrounded by four buttons, it included menu on the top, play/pause on the bottom, previous track on the left, and next track on the right. The button at the center of the scroll wheel is the select button. The Apple company provided a classic and elegant image of iPod, with only one color, white, then created a high-grade reputation of the Apple company.

The first iPod is an original model of other iPod in the after generation, also with a light weight and it is a new breakthrough of the component design of iPod. There is not only having the button control, because it is not novelty, so the iPod change it, by using the scroll method, to be a sign of the iPod in that time. The iPod helps drive the evolutions of innovative technology, by competing, then make progress. iPod is an ultra-thin hard drive which is the size of a deck of cards but keeping a high-quality rate of mp3 compression. Moreover, the firewire was built in the iPod, download a thousand songs in 10 minutes while existing USB need to cost five hours to get a thousand songs in that time, even 30 times faster than other mp3 player. They set an extraordinary battery in the iPod, that is a more advanced battery, it is ten hours of battery life which means ten hours of continuous music, the ten hours battery in one hour to 80% of their capacity by a charge.

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With the progress of times, the iPod evolved with technology, people are beginning to accept the advent of technology, it applies in anywhere, same as the iPod that able to use in anywhere, it seems to be an important product, when people want to listen to music, they would think of this product, because it not only fits our behavior which is listening to music in the music library, it also fits in people’s pocket. As the interface of iPod is uncluttered all the time, so it is easy to operate, but users would be aware the development of the technology reach, since everyone need to move on and then adapting to the changes of the times. In that time, the time before having the iPod, people needed to take the bigger mp3 music player with a lower quality of songs, but the iPod is fast for downloading an entire CD in the iPod in5 to 10 seconds and downloading a thousand of the music. Besides, people were cherishing their own time, so the speed of iPod to charge only need more than one hours but less than two hours.

As the success of the iPod, it enhanced the growth of Apple.


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