Hitler`s Rise to Power: How It Happened

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There were many economic problems for Germany in the 1920s, after WW1 Germany was left in ruins and economic debt and forced to pay many war fees. When young chancellor Adolf Hitler comes in and says he has all the solutions to their problems people will listen. Hitler grew into power due to his ability to tell people what they want to hear and his ability to manipulate. How Hitler’s rise to power?

On april 20th 1889 a young woman named Klara Hitler gave birth to her fourth child Adolf Hitler. Klara had six children but only two of them survived into adulthood. The children’s father was Alois Hitler. Alois Hitler is what many people blame for Adolf’s evil turn. Alois would go out and drink everyday while his wife would stay home and take care of the children. When Alois would come home drunk he would occasionally hit the older children such as Adolf and his sister Paula. Alois had wanted Adolf to be a civil worker like himself, but Adolf wanted to do other things like paint and draw. A few years later in 1903 Alois Hitler died due to fluid build up in his lungs called pleural effusion.

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In Adolf Hitler’s later life, he left to find an art school, in 1907 Hitler applied for an art academy in Vienna, but later got rejected. He applied again the next year but then got rejected for the second time. Around the same time as his schooling trouble, Klara Hitler was diagnosed with breast cancer, she had tried many remedies but none worked, some had made the spread of the cancer worse. Hitler came back to see his mother before she died. After his mother had passed away he continued to stay in Vienna and sell his art work as a way to support himself.

A few years later in 1913 Hitler was drafted into the Astiran army but failed to comply so he was arrested and taken back to his hometown. In his hometown he would be tested to make sure he was healthy enough to continue but was turned down due to lack of physical strength. After this the fled to Germany

Once Hitler returned to Germany he volunteered and was accepted to enter the trenches of WW1 and fight for the Bolivian army in 1914. Hitler was positioned on the front line where a gas bomb was thrown in his direction. When the bomb blew up it left Hitler blind for a few days. He was sent to a military reserve hospital in town called Pasewalk which is just north of Berlin. After Hitler was in war he stayed in Germany to continue in a political career.

In 1923 Hitler joined the Nazi political party to spread his political veiw and rise in power using his public speaking abilities.The Nazi party was banned in germany on the account of them trying to overthrough the German govenment and on November 8th 1923 Hitler was sentenced 5 years in jail for treason due to his part of public speaking on behalf of the Nazi party. Although his sentence was 5 years he was able to be released only a year after being sentenced. At this time every day Hitler was becoming more and more popular with the citizens of germany.

In 1929 Germany hit a great depression that devastated the economy. Within a year more than 1.5 million Germans were out of work, people weren’t able to get food so many starved, and the overall health of Germany wasn’t doing well at all. Hitler was able to use the anger of the people to his advantage and was able to grow his votes higher.

In 1932 Hitler decided to run for president only getting about one third of the votes. Hitler lost to a man named Hindenburg. Only a year later politicians and business leaders convinced Hindenburg to elect Hitler as Chancellor to use his public speaking skills and popularity to their advantage. Using this position he was able to sneakily and slowly add more power to himself. He would at this time hold many public speeches in which he would express his feelings about the jewish culture and his claims.

In 1933 on February 27th, the Parliament building in Berlin Germany was set on fire. Using this to his advantage Hitler would use the fear from people and the government to allow him to access emergency powers otherwise known as the enabling act of 1933. The enabling act allowed Hitler to outlaw freedom of speech such as the freedom of press. He made anti-Jewish laws which is the cause of the Holocaust. The fire to the parliament building is the main turning point for Hitler’s power. The enabling act is how Hitler was able to get the amount of power he did.

Hitler was able to rise to power so quickly because of his manipulative abilities and his way of manipulating people’s fears into getting what he wanted, which was power.   

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