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You would see Baby Boomers complaining about millennials whereas the silent generation also had complains about Baby Boomers and vice versa. It seems to be going on since the start of mankind. Infact, the generations that have existed uptil now had some differences among them. And these were probably due to their different ways of brought up, living, and thinking which let them had their different perspectives.

Baby Boomers loved to have that old school dressing and stick to a same news channel on repeat. Additionaly, they still find these applicable and you might have to accept it. One of their prime thoughts is that they don’t really think them as being old-fashioned, rather they assume that they are a cool generation. So, Millenials let them live in fool’s paradise thinking they are more fashionable and cool.

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Ask yourself that do you too think the same or not? And decide that whether you are one of these creatures or otherwise. Below are some of the interesting facts about baby boomers. Also, the reasons that why baby boomers are one of their kind. Let’s have a look! Have you ever been to a racquetball room anywhere? If yes, then you would have probably witnessed the majority of middle-aged men there. In fact, you would see them competing with each other in a full sportsman spirit. It looks like they are very much devoted to this modern sport. Unlike them, men under 50 years of age are not much into this sport. It might be that they have dedicated it to these middle-aged gentlemen, so they can have players and competitors of the same age group. And why not? Let them enjoy playing games and maintaining their fitness at this age.

The love for cruises for baby boomers might be more as compared to others. Reasons might be many, among which visiting different places in a short time, the live sight of the sea, and having different people to meet, are the prominent ones. Moreover, they can have a nice buffet too.While the youth may not find it fascinating because of being stuck among a large crowd for a long time, these men like the cruise for the very reason. For them, it serves as a good time-killing activity as they get to breathe in the fresh air while having some good conversations around.Diamond is one of the precious and expensive gemstones. Nevertheless, it is an overrated gem by these baby boomers. They always thought (and still think) that they can win someone’s heart by giving a diamond ring as a gift. Or they (women) can beautify themselves and increase their worth by wearing diamond jewelry. As you know, diamonds are now quite common and easily available as compared to other precious stones. Due to their high price and slow supply to the market, their demand increases. All in all, the young generation is being captivated by other precious and rare gemstones while this old generation is still in love with diamonds.


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