Home is Where My Heart Is: Surrounding with Relatives

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The definition of home according to the dictionary, is a place where on lives, a dwelling/house or a fixed residence. To me a home is so much more than that. Home is where I always want to be. Why?

Home to me is more than just the four walls that surround me. It is a familiar environment and a feeling I get when I walk through the doors. Its my space. My happy place.

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Home is where I was raised by loving parents. This is where I played, with my brother, my friends, family and by myself. This is where I discovered new things. Where I laughed, cried, learned, excelled, failed and grew into the young confident man I am today. This is where I could and still can be just ‘me’. Without any harsh judgement or unrealistic expectations.

Home is that special, warm fuzzy feeling you get when you walk through the door after a long day at school and on the sports fields and you smell your favorite meal being prepared. It is your furry friends that jump up against your leg to greet you and demand attention before anyone else gets an opportunity.

Home is having my family around me, no matter where we are. They are the ones that can drive me insane but also in a few minutes time make me laugh out of my belly. With them I can openly and honestly share all my feelings, my experiences and always be assured that they listen closely. They will give me their honest opinions and some good advice where needed. They will also give me stern words and warnings when it is justified. Through it all I will never feel judged or offended, as I know they do it all with love.

Home does not always just mean your house that you live in. I also feel at home when I go to family-friends or to my best friends’ houses, as their families also accept me for who and what I am, without any judgment or expectations. Friends that know you just as well as your own blood.

To me our house is our perfect home. We are a happy family. We support each other no matter what. As the saying goes: “Blood is thicker than water.” That is 100% true in our home. My parents are still as in love as when they met. They set such a good example to us that we will most certainly also aspire to have relationships and ultimately marriages like theirs. That is almost as perfect as you can get.

When we go to the beach and I sit on the rocks, just watching the waves coming in and breaking on the shore, I feel peaceful and at home with my surroundings. I feel like I am the only person there and I am not bothered by the dozens of other beach goers around me. It is like my home away from home.

To be rich and live in a mansion with all the luxuries surrounding you inside a house, does not make it a home. It might be beautiful to look at, but it can be a very cold, lonely and impersonal space if there is no love and happiness to fill those spaces.

You can live in a four bedroomed house, a two bedroomed apartment or even the smallest cottage, if you are surrounded by people you love and you are in your happy space, you are at home.

As I grew up and matured a bit more, I started realizing that there is true meaning behind the words that so many people always say – “Home is where the heart is.” Those words ring true in the places I call home.

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