Homelessness as a Social Problem in America

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Why is, homelessness increasing much in New York, what are the reasons, what should authorities do to prevent this situation and how can we overcome this issue? New York is a worldwide popular city. Even so, there are so many homeless people on the streets, this is a very serious and thought-provoking situation.

In New York, unemployment, and poverty are the main reasons for homelessness. Those who have lost their jobs for some reason or who cannot find a job in the country. They cannot pay their home installments or rents and by that, they are thrown into the street over time as they are crushed under housing loans, health insurance costs, personal debts, and consumer loans. A large proportion of these people have trouble finding a place in low-cost housing for the homeless. Due to the extremely low budget for homeless people in federal and local governments, newly homeless people may sometimes have to wait for years and live on the streettoo benefit from the housing. Also, what causes homelessness in New York may include physical and mental disorders, psychological problems, alcohol, and drug addiction, gambling, domestic violence, and deterioration of the social relations of the individual. Most employees are unable to pay their mortgages and other loans, and there are roofs of losing their homes. The government of the United States started to do something about this issue. Detailed regulations were started against homeless people in the United States. In many cities, begging, bench sleeping, and camping were made criminal. Especially when local crimes are combined with federal crimes, they can create serious legal problems for the homeless. Activists say that such practices do not solve the problem, leading to even more complex results. In my opinion, this may help to prevent this issue.

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Can this problem be solved with shelters? If we look at the interviews made with the homeless and even articles written by the homeless show that homeless shelters, which are widely used in the United States, are dangerous and useless. David Pirtle, a homeless who interviewed a radio station, says that most of the shelters are consumed and sold, their belongings have been stolen, and the beds are surrounded by beetles or lice. Despite all these problems, significant progress has been made in reducing homelessness figures. According to data from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, the number of homeless in the US since 2010 has decreased by 72 thousand. This correlates to a drop of 11 percent. In 2007, the rate of homeless people without a shelter fell from 37 percent to 31 percent. This is an indication that cities are trying to provide shelter to the homeless. On the other hand, I don't think that I am responsible for this issue. The house is responsible for that. Citizens have nothing to do about that, besides giving money to them.

In conclusion, in the United States especially in New York, homelessness is a big problem. The authorities have to deal with this issue more actively. The homeless people were not staying at shelters and the reasons for this are obvious. But it seems that we will continue to talk about homeless people in the coming years without resolving the income injustice, social security problems, and other personal problems in New York.     

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