Homeschooling, a Controversial Topic of Interest

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Searching about this interesting topic, I found that Homeschooling is a choice, or maybe a determination in which parents deciding to teach their children in home instead of school, that could be public or private. It means that the process of teaching and learning instead to be in an institute, could be in the comfort of home. As we know this topic is a little confuse, because the human being since times before, the only academic teaching place that to know, have being the common school. But, why do parents decide to select homeschool? And what could be the advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling?

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On the one hand, it is argue that some parents decide to choose homeschool for different reasons, firstly, because they have dissatisfaction with the educational options available, they need a more effective education for their children, secondly, due to the different religious beliefs or educational philosophies, it means that in some cases the parents have a contrary religion to the school, and for that reason they prefer to work on home in order to avoid discussion with the beliefs of the school but also to avoid that their children can change of religion, and thirdly, the parents believe that children are not progressing within the traditional school structure and they determine to choose for a homeschool.

Following the main ideas about why parents choose to homeschool, we can infer that, homeschooling is an alternative that allows the construction of a personalized knowledge, but especially, more from a family environment, promoting the joint family school.

On the other hand, the homeschooling have advantages and disadvantages as all interesting topic. The most important disadvantage of a homeschooling is socialization because the children don't have the opportunity to socialize with other children due to they always are receiving education at home, and as we know socialization is an important aspect for the human being in order to have a good relationship with people around.

For this reason, traditional school is maybe the most appropriate place to have a good socialization because all times children are in constant communication with each other.

And one of the most important advantage of homeschooling is that it generates a deep family bond. Homeschooling can be an excellent option in order to achieve that families share special moments, reinforce the love between themselves, but particularly, with this type of education, children can advance faster because of they are concentrate in the unhurried teaching in which do not have to follow a series of rules that in some cases they are not well established.

Taking into account everything mentioned in relation to homeschooling, the advantages, disadvantages and why parents choose this type of teaching, I consider that the most important is that our children are educated with all the necessary bases to serve society in a constructive way, it doesn't matter if we choose a teaching at home or at school, what should matter is that they are happy children, with values, wanting to get ahead, etc., I think that what I expressed, are the most important things.

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