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Earlier this year, something happened on social media. The video of an airport cleaner who returned over one million dollars she found in the toilet went viral. The lady was honest enough to have returned every dim found inside the bag by reporting the lost item to the airport authority. The said lady lived in a self-contained with two kids, her husband was jobless at the time she found the money so they could barely feed with her monthly salary of 100 dollars. When the video went viral, people commended her honesty while others called her all manner of names. Well, everyone expected the owner of the money to offer at least a tip to the lady, but he never did. According to him, the money wasn’t his, but the amazing part of this story was the recognition the lady got from the government.

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She was offered accommodation, a better and well-paid job, and free education to her kids till university level. Amazing Right? Imagine, what was going through the mind of this lady when the money was found. Imagine, how a million dollars would have changed her life forever. I mean, she actually needed the money from the look of things, but she chose to be honest. When I saw the video, I decided to head over to the comment box to feed my eyes. I wanted to know people’s reactions and I couldn’t believe it.

I was amazed at the level of dishonesty in the world. People called her a fool for returning the money that wasn’t hers in the first place. It was as if she had done something abominable. Some people even mocked her! They told her, she will die a poor woman. Well, I was happy she did the right thing. The fact she was also recognized by the government and other multinationals gave me chills. I tried to picture the demons she had to fight before coming up with a decision, but I learned something from it; honesty is the best policy! You see, nothing beats having peace of mind.

Being honest is a matter of choice. No one holds you accountable for your actions except the law in some cases. Most of the time, the decision, to be honest, is usually taken in secret which means honesty is just between you and your conscience so it is easier for anyone to take the easy way out, after all, no one was with you when it happened. Frankly, it takes a lot of discipline to be honest at all times because it also comes with consequences too, but one thing is certain, honest sure pays no matter how you look at it. Oftentimes, a situation can make one dishonest especially if the advantage outweighs the disadvantage, but looking at a long-term goal, you will agree that nothing beats honesty.

I remember when my company changed management. The new board of directors decided to cut down the staff strength. So, there was massive retrenchment! People were laid off for no reason and I was scared too, I prepared my mind for the worse while asking God for His will to be done! A few weeks After, one of the directors decided to visit the branch (upcountry) where I work. On his arrival, he asked for the manager to fetch me. I was scared to my bones, I thought it was over, but when I got there, I was shocked by what he said. In his words; ‘Amaka, I have heard so much about your honesty, keep it up!’ I thanked him and left. In fact, the compliment came with a small token which I collected anyway. But, that comment got me thinking. I have never met any of the directors, but I guess, they asked questions and were given answers. I don’t work at the HQ, but my honesty spoke for me even when I was far away.

As believers of Christ, we are expected to be honest in whatever we do. It shows the strength of the Word of God in us. It also shows the value placed on your faith! The Bible says a good name is more powerful than riches. It’s not all about what you will get from being dishonest. Yes, I get the fact we all want to make it quick in life, people love shortcuts, but what happens after that? Just like I said earlier, getting to this level in life is not an easy thing to do. No one is perfect! We are all working towards perfection, but if we truly want to live a life of honesty, we can ask the Holy Spirit, I believe the Spirit can help us this height. 

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