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We all are very much familiar with the story of a woodcutter and angel. When woodcutter dropped his ax in water and an angel appeared there. The angel offered the woodcutter golden and silver axes one by one but the woodcutter refused to take them as his ax was an iron ax. Then the angel rewarded the woodcutter for his honesty with all three axes.

Today our story will blow your mind when you read the end. Three friends went out to celebrate their college graduation in Mexico. They violated the law after they got drunk and when they came to their senses they found themselves in lockup. it was told to three of them that they will be punished to death in the morning. They all were wondering what they did last night which cause them this death penalty.

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When the police bring the first lady with red hair, he strapped her in an electric chair only to ask if she has to say her last wish. She replied that she completed her graduation from her college and she believed in God and he will save her as she was innocent and had not done anything wrong. When they tossed the switch to kill her but nothing happened. The headmen apologized for their wrong suspect and released her.

When they brought the second lady she was a brunette one. Execution also strapped her in an electric chair and asked her to say something as her last words. The brunette said she is an innocent lady who just completed her studies at a law school and she has faith in God who will save her with His powers.

When they tossed the switch for brunette, nothing happed and she remained safe. Again headsmen fell on their knees and asked her forgiveness and let her go.

The last friend was a blonde one and she was watching this all with great curiosity. When they strapped her she said in a sarcastic tone to the executioners that she has completed her studies at a reputed university and got a degree as an electrical engineer, all she wanted to say that they could not electrocute anyone in this chair as they have not plugged the switch in the socket.

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