Horrific Case of a Brooklyn Murder


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On September 21, 2018, tragedy struck a small, poor community named Brownsville in Brooklyn, New York. Police arrested a fourteen-year-old boy accused of murder, possession of deadly weapon, and criminal use of a deadly weapon charges, but unfortunately, not everyone made it out safely. Oluwadurotimi “Timi” Oyebola was struck unintentionally and later passed that night. The day of Monday, October 1st was the special evening family, friends, and the community held a vigil and walk in his honor.

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Therefore, he has passed, but memories of him always live on. On this dreadful afternoon, Aaron Nathaniel shot a firearm that hit sixteen-year-old Oyebola within 150 feet. The suspect was using slang that made it apparent that he was looking for “ops,” which stands for oppositions, to calmly raise his weapon to, but some also think that he was targeting a fellow teen whom he earlier played at the basketball court. Therefore, police were able to prove Timi Oyebola was not the initial target and it might have been a stray bullet from Nathaniel’s gun that took his life. It was evident that Aaron Nathaniel did not go home following the incident and went days without being seen, which left his parents no choice but to become involved in the manhunt. Timi was such a loving, churchgoing teen slated to get an academic award from Columbia University in November. He was playing basketball with friends in the park as he waited for a nearby church to open so he could attend an after-school activity when his life was cut short and taken. With the guilt consuming his conscience, Nathaniel turned himself in and confessed to doing such a disgusting crime. Oyebola did survive at first, but later died in the hospital from gun wounds in the head.

In my opinion, this child had everything going for himself and for someone to make a ridiculous decision and influence gun violence is disappointing. As teens, especially of color, we are meant to hold our heads high to a certain standard and become something better in society rather than be another stereotype. This is a really unfortunate loss not only for New Yorkers, but for some residents in New Jersey. Some, like my boyfriend, played basketball with the victim and knew him very well. Personally, I did not know Timi, but I heard many great things about him, his personality, his family, etc. I hate to see how kids support the bad aspects in life and how they would like to “explore” rather than uplift each other. Staying together and keeping focus in hard and some may need more of a push than other, but living the best life to your ability is never impossible.

In conclusion, crime rates are very high, especially in the poor communities of the United States. Gun violence continues to be an issue anywhere in the country and in other countries as well. Children exposed to gun-related violence, whether they are victims, perpetrators, or witnesses, can experience negative psychological effects over the short and long terms. Psychological trauma is also very common among children who are exposed to high levels of violence in their communities or through social media. This means individuals who experience violence are prone to mental health issues, such as post-traumatic stress disorder or sleep deprivation. These problems increase for those who experience violence as growing up as children. Gun violence is an issue that continues to be seen and ignored, but soon that will change.

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