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How A Ghost Perceives The World

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Hello, my fellow readers. This is Emelie and I’m back again with another blog. This time I’ll be talking about how a highly requested subject and that’s how a ghost perceives the world, like, how I interact with things, how I see things, stuff like that. I’m the most qualified person to explain this since you’ll probably still alive and have a physical body.

What it’s like being a ghost

Being a ghost has its benefits. Very recently, my new friend Anya wanted to know about some stuff about this boy that she likes, Sean. I was able to phase through his locker door and look at his schedule and when Sean is nearby, I whisper in Anya’s ear what to say to him. I can also float around to other peoples’ desk and look at their test answers and tell Anya the answer. Being a ghost comes with downsides which I cannot ignore. I can’t really move stuff very far or even touch most stuff. I can’t go very far from my bone, so if Anya leaves my bone at home, I’m stuck there too. And most of all, I cannot rest. I cannot rest because of the terrible things I’ve done in the past. I’ll elaborate more on that later.

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What the world thinks of me

Since I’m a ghost, I can’t show myself to any old riff-raff on the street. I have to stay hidden. I have to because if someone sees me, it could lead to riots, anarchy, and destruction. So, as you can tell, I’ve got a pretty big responsibility to not allowing myself to be seen and I hate it. I hate not being able to go for a walk or to talk to people or even so much as going outside. It’s like a form of torture. My spirit is allowed to carry on, but I can’t do the things I once enjoyed while still alive.

What I think of the world

The world today is certainly different from the world I left. I think this new world is worse than my world Society seems to have lost all respect for each other. Where I came from, we defended each other in even the most desperate times. Now it seems like everybody just leaves one another for themselves. I can see this when Dima, another Russian and a friend of Anya, is getting his routine beating and Anya just leaves him there. I’d think that the least Anya can do is comfort him.

Why I’m a ghost

The big question that I’m asked time and time again is why I’m a ghost. You see, the reason why I’m a ghost is because my spirit still lingers on. What I mean by that is there’s a broken piece of my past that will not allow me to rest until that piece has been repaired. Repairing said past can involve a range of different tasks such as destroying a certain object, returning an object to its rightful place, or just coming to terms that if I was trying to find something, that something doesn’t even exist.

Can you handle being a ghost?

Do you think you can be a ghost? Are you willing to sacrifice free will and all that you know and love to be able to phase through walls and to never fear heights ever again? Do you think you’ve got the will power to push past the torture to have non-human powers? Leave a comment stating your choice.


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