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How a Lack of Education and Common Sense Creates Absolute Nonsense Genders

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A heated debate about genders is underway and it shows something very disturbing: schools and common sense totally failed in the western world.

So, let’s start with biology and genetics because things are really simple. Each person has 23 pairs of chromosomes in each cell. One of these pairs carries the X and Y chromosomes and they determine whether you will be male or female. If you are male, you have an XY pair, if you are female, you have an XX pair.

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So, biologically speaking, a human being can be a male (born with a penis) or a female (born with a vagina). But in some cases a person can be born with both a penis and a vagina or without sexual organs at all because an error may occur during DNA multiplication and that’s natural. Now, DNA and genes can create different states within human’s mind and it may happen that a person with male organs feels he is a woman and he is deeply unsatisfied with his current state.

Those transsexual persons can undergo hormonal and surgical procedures to change their sex. Those procedure are well-known for many years and there is a number of people who changed their sex and live happily after that. Their mind and their body are now in harmony. Then, there is someone’s sexual orientation. A person can be straight (be attracted to a person of opposite sex), gay (attracted to the same-sex person), or bisexual (attracted to both sexes). The problem arises when a person can’t decide who he/she is. And that state is a sign of a psychological problem.

Another problem arises when a gender steps in. Followed by a need to redefine a women’s status in a modern society, starting somewhere from the 1950s, a gender started to be defined as a person’s role in the society. On top of that, some connected it with sexual preferences. The idea was noble but as it often the case with noble ideas the execution went terribly wrong.

The point here is that theory started to question women’s traditional roles in the society. If a person is a woman, must she be in the kitchen? Must she wear a dress? Must she obey her male partner? Now, when you engage some common sense, you can easily see that women should not be slaves who serve men. But that’s a role some societies place upon them in a lesser or greater extent, it has nothing do to with them being XX persons. Now let us take a look at the brain. Some people like sex. Some don’t. Some feel good in the sex they were born, and some don’t. That’s all fine. Humans have a period in their lives when they discover who they are and what’s their place in the society they live in.

Although children are aware about their sex usually at the age of four, puberty is a formation period during which all hormones settle down and when the person exits that period we have a person with a clearly defined idea of themselves. If that doesn’t happen and the person can’t decide what/who he/she is, we have a problem for a psychiatrist. It’s that simple. However, led by some psychiatrists and a lack of education, supported by shallow media, the idea was born that “I can’t decide what I am” is normal. It is not. It is not normal to call yourself “gender fluid,” “third gender,” “non-binary,” “adamas gender” (a gender which refuses to be defined), “amaregender” (a gender depending on who you are in love with), “ambonec” (identifying as both man and woman but neither of them at same time)… If that’s not a situation that demands a health expert’s help we don’t know what is.

All those gender descriptions, which mostly come from anonymous posts on some internet pages, are not a gender: those are moods.

If today, for example, they are not interested in sex, they can call themselves “non-gender” persons, just to change their “gender” tomorrow to a “male”. This is the mood, and it has nothing to do with a penis or a vagina. All that media frenzy focused on feelings just show basic lack of knowledge what we are as human beings and how do we feel. Those are two different, separated things. But there are more absurd things happening along the way. For example, state laws that allows people to define themselves as a “third gender.”

Admittedly, there are some laws we can understand. For example, Germany allowed parents to register their children as neither male nor female on birth certificates – in a case when chromosome test confirms they were neither sex. Read it again: chromosome test. What’s more, a study showed that among very small number of people born with male and female characteristics, many of them in the end define themselves as a male or a female. Not “non-binary fluid non-defined asexual” whatever.

On the other hand, some countries allow people to register as a “third gender” just because those countries think that’s a modern society. It is not, this is just a non-educated decision with no link to a healthy brain whatsoever. And that could lead to absurd consequences. What would authorities do, for example, if a convict defines himself as a male today and as a female tomorrow? And that can be done if that’s what a law allows. Will there be jails for the third gender or the state would decide in which jail he belongs – and go against his rights? Instead of teaching kids and helping people who need help, today is “in” to let people do whatever they want.

It’s easier for parents to wave signs “My six old baby has right to choose sex” than to be parents and raise their kids, it’s easier for governments to add “third gender” in their laws instead of telling clearly that some people need help. Such laws have been written for a handful of people whose chromosome test will fail to recognize a gender. And what are the characteristics of a third gender in the first place? There is only one: a state of mind. And what would that do to a healthy child’s mind? Will we tell her that her uncle feels neither female nor male and that she should call him… how? It could blow away poor kid’s mind.

Teach your son to help his wife in the kitchen, teach him to take parental leaving if the wife must work, them him to respect his wife. Fire those savages who are paying women less just because they are women and who think that women are a species below humans. If they want a modern society, they missed to create a law that would secure that women are paid equally for the same job men do and the world will be a better place without absurd situations we are witnessing today. And when someone needs help, say it clearly.


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