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How a Second Korean War Might Be Fought

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Countries involved: South Korea, North Korea, Chinese 1st volunteer regiment, Japan, Taiwanese 54th infantry division, American Supply ships, Russia

List of Important Battles: First Battle for Thiking tunnel, Battle of Seoul, Battle of Wonsan, Battle of Hamhung, Battle of Pyongyang, Naval Bombardment of North Korean Ports, Aerial Attacks on South Korean cities, and The battle for the chison mountains.

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Overview: After the Third World War, China, North Korea’s ally, was decimated by famine and civil war. However North Korea decided to stay out of the war and backstab their allies. Fast forward to 2016 and America begins sending shipments en mass to Japan and South Korea. Lee Hun, a North Korean spy, figures out that the shipments are of enriched uranium and plutonium which are ingredients for a thermonuclear nuclear device. North Korea panics sending men to the South Korean border and digging more tunnels into South Korea. America denies any shipments other than more M1 Abrams tanks. Later in March, North Korean foreign minister says that if America doesn’t withdraw its troops there will be war. America electing a pro peace government earlier that year decides to withdraw to North Korea’s surprise. North Korea on March 10 begins Operation Red Unification aka the invasion of South Korea. The task force of 20 divisions calls for a push on the DMZ with 10 divisions and a surprise attack from the Chison Tunnel with the other 10 divisions.

Unfortunately, South Korea intercepts the 20 divisions movements and with no declaration of war uses dive bombers and high altitude bombers to attack the 7th Motorized Infantry Division. Dive bombers dive down dropping bombs all over killing over 200 instantly. Then South Korean Artillery just over the DMZ fire at North Korean soldiers on the other side killing over 500 in under 20 minutes. Then South Korean 26th Engineer Brigade begins rigging the tunnels to blow and detonates them on the North Korean 12th infantry regiment killing 232 and trapping all 438 others. The North Korean AA guns finally silence the bombers shooting down 50 and killing 20 South Koreans and capturing 32 pilots. The UN quickly attempt to mediate a peace offer but the talks fall flat.

During a peace conference in Washington DC South Korean ATG hold 20 important North Korean delegates hostage in a tense standoff South Korea releases all hostages and no one dies. Back in Korea finally the first North Korean troops cross the border moving towards Seoul. After being grounded due to bad weather North Korean jets and long range bombers begin aerial attacks on Seoul and Daewoo killing 300 in the first week. Calling upon reserves North Korean Military forces reach 4 million while South Korea only reaches one million. Under the cover of night North Korean troops and tanks begin clearing the DMZ. A convoy of 3854 troops and 200 tanks travels down a narrow road surrounded by rice fields and the occasional blossom tree. The first tank stops after its engine blows. Then out of nowhere 200 South Korean troops and anti tank fire upon the convoy wiping through 100 tanks and 1000 North Koreans in less than 5 minutes. The North Korean flamethrowers finally clear the South Koreans out but don’t kill them as they retreat. This happened to many convoys as they advanced for Seoul. Finally around a task force of 1 million soldiers, 453 aircraft, 456 pieces of artillery and 348 tanks prepare to enter Seoul. After three weeks of fighting Japan officially enters the war on South Korea’s side and Taiwan sends some volunteers to South Korea. Japanese Warships begin the blockade of North Korea along with naval bombardment of the eastern coast destroying Hamhung, Wonsan, and Rason. The North Korean task force outside of Seoul begins entering the suburbs to a strange silence. A small infantry group alongside an armored truck cross the Dechon Peace Bridge into main city Seoul.

After 5 minutes they are ambushed by a Japanese regiment which proceeds to slaughter the North Korean infantry and blow up the tanks. Then aireal bombings begin as jets and bombers rain fury upon Seoul. The jets and bombers are slaughtered though as South Korean aa guns shot most down. The North Korean task force lost 246 aircraft only limping back with 2 jets from the assault. The South Korean troops begin using the rubble of buildings to their advantage setting up systems of filtering North Koreans into tight spaces and mowing them down. With the suburbs captured North Korean tanks and soldiers begin crossing the bridge to a very unpleasant surprise with Korean machine guns opening up from every direction. An infamous moment happens as Kim Lee Un captures a photo of the North Koreans as they are pinned on the bridge to enter central Seoul. With Japanese jets bombing them the North Koreans retreat from central Seoul falling back to the suburbs. They find storming Seoul to be a bad idea and use the other troops from the DMZ to use the Busan Daewoo Highway to push down on Daegu. On March 5th North Korean bombers ramp up bombings of daegu and other cities nearby and begin operation liberalization of the east. The North Korean supremacy in numbers pushes South Korean troops into Daegu where a tense battle occurs. The Chinese stay feeling betrayed from WW3 send volunteers to South Korea to counter North Korean aggression. These volunteers successfully push North Korean troops out of Daegu with superior numbers and tech. South Korea begins arming and testing nuclear weapons finally making the Khonghun Missile which could easily knock out North Korea.

Also late at night on April 15, thousands of Japanese soldiers storm the beaches of Wonsan securing the beach in less than an hour. Despite these advances North Korea begins a full out barrage of Seoul and enters the government building raising their flag up. The capital of South Korea has fallen which doesn’t moralize them as the North Koreans thought. North Korea asks for help from Russia which publicly states that they will not support North Korea,but secretly send thousands of guns and tanks. These tanks are then used in Daegu to push the South Koreans out. But Japanese anti tank and South Korean jets completely destroy them halting the North Korean advance into Korea. Japanese troops push down continuing until they reach the former DMZ where they connect with the South Korean forces and begin resupplying for an attack on Pyongyang. The North Korean forces slowly begin fighting along the Han River and the low amount South Korean forces retreat after blowing the main bridge slowing the North Koreans by 5 months.

North Korean forces of the 1st Motorized Division move to the Japanese 6th Artillery Brigade engaging near Kongnumg. The battle is devastating and considered a massacre as the Japanese are completely surprised and even surrender but the North Koreans continue fighting just outright shooting the few japanese who surrendered. This disconnected the Korean and Japanese troops and surrounded the very shattered remnants of the 6th. In America people who see the humanitarian crisis demanding America sent UN peacekeepers while China demands a Russian withdrawal. Russia brush it off and continue, but on December 31 while Russian troops get drunk thousands of Chinese troops storm their positions officially starting the Sino Russo war. Major Advances are made until Russia recover from the intianal surprise and grind the Chinese to a brutal halt starting a massive stalemate. The Russian support for North Korea intensifies until South Korea and Japan officially declare war on Russia. American troops decide to withdraw from japan just in case things get messy. The Japanese 3rd Marine Regiment land in the kuril and begin a process of island hopping until they reach Kamachta. The Russian opposition is light because the naval presence in the region is a few search and rescue ships. South Korean muster enough strength to retake Daegu entering the city to harsh house to house fighting until South Korean long range bombers and tanks threaten the North Korean retreat. U.N leader Tim Jones requests a resolution of U.N involvement stating they will not send aid or volunteers to South Korea or Japan and instead send to the North Korea and Russia. Most Countries accept but US citizens begin mass protests and decide to storm Washington DC to force Congress to impeach the president. Seeing a threat he decides on martial law and all civilians out after 6 or traveling in mass crowds will be shot no questions asked.


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