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How Adolf Hitler's Childhood Influenced His Life

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Throughout our lives we always heard of how the abhorrent leader Hitler came to be, and yet we never knew his backstory or what motivated him to do the horrific things he did. For one, Adolf had some serious parental issues when he was a child. Hitler later declared in life, “I never loved my father but feared him”. During the research we found there where many striking similarities between Adolf and Alois (his father) as he grew up, which later influenced him later in life as a Nazi Germany leader. Before researching this topic, we knew little to nothing about his life growing up and how he transfigured into becoming who was. Hitler’s childhood influenced his life later as an adult and as a Nazi German ruler.

Hitler’s youth was an incredible impact on the way he grew up to be, and what type of person he was. According to Gina Dumero, Alois (Hitler’s father), was a very strict person, he was the type that demanded respect and obedience at all times. He was described as a heartless person that had no friends, he certainly wasn’t a great father either, because he freely hit his children. Not to mention After Adolf’s father died in 1903, Hitler later stated “I never loved my father, but feared him”. For the people that knew of him they recounted him as an exact, pedantic and an almost unapproachable person, and that’s what Hitler saw in him. Although as Hitler matured, there was many striking similarities between the father and son that you could tell as Hitler grew up.

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In addition According to Krysta Stuttgart, One expert describes the violence exercised by Adolf’s father (Alois), One night Clara decided to step in and try and protect Adolf from getting beaten. She then proceeds to go upstairs to the attic and cover Adolf who is lying on the floor. Moreover Clara, “Fearing that her husband could no longer control himself, in his unbridled rage”, stepped in front of Alois and decided to put and ending to the beating then deflecting Alois’s hit absorbing it (Stuttgart). “Journal Reveals Hitler’s Dysfunctional Family.” This Likewise had an effect on Hitler as he grew up, because of the way he was treated and his everyday life as a child. This shows how his parents brought him up and sculpted him into the person he was because the way he was treated from them. Adolf Hitler’s relationship with his family impacted him greatly later in life and the horrible acts he is responsible for. According to The History Place, Adolf Hitler’s dad Alias would brutally beat Adolf’s brother every day, up until the point where his brother could not take it and ran away from the Hitler house at the age of 15. Since Alias Adolf’s dad could no longer beat Adolf’s brother his dad started to brutally beat Adolf every day because Adolf’s brother had ran away.

After Adolf’s brother left and ran away Adolf’s family moved to Vienna in Austria. It was in Vienna where Adolf’s father retired on a pension from the work force, and he sent Adolf to a primary school. According to The History Place, after Adolf graduated from primary school there were two options for him to continuing learning he wanted to go to art school but his father wanted him to go to school to learn about the work force and to follow in his footsteps, but Adolf wanted to go to art school to fulfill his dream, but his father forced him to go to the workforce. Adolf went to the work school for around a year but then dropped out and shortly after he did Adolf’s father died, and Adolf became the main provider for his family at the age of 17. Adolf’s relationship with his father and the way he was treated when he was a child greatly influenced him later in life as a Nazi German ruler.

In conclusion, Hitler’s childhood influenced his life later as an adult and as a Nazi German ruler, because of the fact he was treated in his everyday life and the example that his parents, more so his father had affected him. Also he turned out like this because of the relationship he had with his father and how he repeatedly abused him and how his brother ran away when Adolf was 7 years old. The way Hitler had grown up truly affected him into the person he became because of the horrible relationship with his family and how he was treated, which later influenced him in life as he became the ruler of Germany.


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