How Airport Security Has Changed since 9/11

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After a series of terrorist attacks on many major cities in the world and especially the 9/11 case, the airport security system has been thoroughly reformed and restructured to ensure security for tourists. In addition to gathering information from national intelligence agencies the United States and Europe also use social networks to spy on using fake accounts registered on social networks to participate in forums aimed at search, find information. The goal of espionage on social networks is to find, detect terrorist elements and prevent potential terrorist plots through tracking conversations between them.

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Besides, the series of additional security measures were installed to protect travellers. In order to prevent any airplane hijack from terrorists, the cockpit security system is installed along with the changing of the cockpit door with anti-bomb and bullet-proof materials to protect the pilots.

New laws have been introduced to ensure more thorough screening of passengers and their luggage. Earlier, a report pointed out that airport security technology 'lacks reliability and is slow in its ability to automatically identify hidden weapons and explosives'. Fifteen years after the terrorist incident, there were 46,000 scanners installed, all federal employees, trained by Transportation Security Administration, they had to follow strict rules and guidelines for passenger screening, baggage and some prohibited items are not allowed. The attack on WTC 9/11 shocked the globe, resulting in a series of measures, systems and machines being put into use to mitigate the dangers of terrorism such as sharing the passenger name system. Not only that, in 2006 a liquid boom in the UK or 2009 underwear bombing  caused airport security organizations to reevaluate and find new solutions, and that's all. lifetime of full body scanner. Based on the survey results, 96.4% believe that the implementation of airport and aviation security measures today has been maximum effective.

Based on the survey results 100 % people said safety and security measures are necessary to provide quality in tourism and it play important role to the guest decision when they went to a destination as travellers. Therefore, new measures should always be considered and created to handle security threats because the terrorists plan now are extremely cunning, sophisticated and unpredictable.

Denver Metropolitan State University Denver Dept. of Aviation and Aerospace’s Jeffrey C. Price, he stated that security airport team should learn the way Israelis patrolled the city of Jerusalem, and American military patrolled checkpoints and use technologies to detect explosives and weapons on people approaching the checkpoint and learn about security knowledge to ensure safety for the guest. In the survey, 66.7 % people also believe that strong security system, partly even support the summit is avoid leaking information from social media and 26.7 % think because Singapore to have friendly relationship with both Pyongyang and Washington based on the neutrality, so Singapore has been chosen for Trump-Kim summit.

'People are more inclined to think that they are treated like animals at the airport,' said Gus Hosein, executive director of human rights protection organization Privacy International. What we have witnessed over the years is that the level of security on a large scale and the technologies is increasingly worrying about guest privacy and racial profiling because it’s applied without much consideration.

Learning from the many terrorist attacks that occur, aviation security experts have given advanced screening systems such as backscattering systems and millimeter wave systems into use to conduct testing on visitor’s body to detect devices and weapons. At the airport, passengers will undergo full body steps with their legs wide open and their hands over their heads, these systems work by transmitting X-rays through visitor clothing, while millimeter wave systems operate by transmitting low energy radio waves.

Besides the image security issue of scanners with this backscattering technology, many experts fear the possibility of passengers being exposed to dangerous radiation. Some worry they can cause cancer. Although some studies show that the level of radiation exposure is only one tenth of that of chest radiography and the risk of cancer from X-ray security scanners is very low, but many still I think it will be bad for health in the long term if people have to use aviation to move regularly.

How has airport security changed since 9/11? It's safe to say that things have changed dramatically. A lot of work has been done on the mistakes. 

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