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How And What Made Apple Such Successful Company

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I have chosen the Apple Company. I heard Steve Jobs speak and found him down to earth, intelligent, and caring about the audience he was speaking to. I like Apple products as much as I like any others out there but, I would like to learn more about how and what made it such successful company.

Apple started with Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in April of 1976. They began creating together, this, ultimately gave us the first IPhone. The Apple Company’s original idea was to build and present new forms of computers. In January of 1977, just three months shy of a year, they became a corporation. Steve Jobs’s original mission statement is “To make a contribution to the world by making tools for the mind that advance humankind.” His idea was to bring technology to improve mankind’s quality of life. The current mission statement is more narrowminded and even slightly self-centered. All though Jobs is no longer with us, Apple continues with his mission by continuing improving on his technology. They have accomplished an innumerable number of things which is why it succeeds its competition. By following their mission and vision statement it has given them the loyalty of the buyers and lets them to outshine their competitors in the market place. As of May 2017, “it was the most valuable company in the world”.

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When visiting an Apple store, you are never asked “How can I help you” you are addressed “What would you like to do today?” This is an outstanding customer service tactic. Leading with a technological question to get the customer thinking of technology! Apple continues to stay at least two years ahead of its competition in design and manufacturing its next products and has the cash to back up production.

Apple has become so successful for several reasons. Apple can be seen going places that other organizations have never gone before. Some of the major reasons are simpler then you would expect. Simplicity; all products are made to be used easily. All products that are made, are wanted and desired by those who make them. “If an employee was using a product and found an issue, they had the freedom to go in and fix it”. The organization’s management team plays a critical role in the implementation to guarantee all personnel are on board. Case in point, the CEO, Tim Cook states, “That the best products must be produced by Apple”. This helps to guarantee the supporters will continuously back the company. Apple makes every effort to produce and uphold a competitive lead within the technology field. To accomplish this, management has agendas that concentrate mainly on the designing and inventing of new merchandise that will suit the buyer’s needs.

The management team plays a crucial role in the decision-making process. Unlike many large organizations, Apple allows open communications. They allow employees to give their ideas and opinions on new or existing issues. In addition, they allow all employees to voice opinions without using the proper chain of command. By permitting this, the decision-process is far more acceptable amongst the team and trust is built leading to more successful results.

Ethics is not something every company has. At Apple, it is understood that every member represents the company. Apple insists their employees and suppliers act ethically or they will not continue to do business with them. With Apple’s ethic’s policies and procedures in place this gives Apple a step up in the industry.

The most essential value to any company is the personnel and getting the work finished successfully. Apple advantageously uses human resources to educate and train its staff which can be credited to increasing the corporation’s success. One key ingredient is employee training – From day one, new employees are instructed to participate in the initial training. Here, they learn about the ethical guidelines, culture, the mission statement, the company vision, and what is expected of them. With such a diverse number of associates working together they can encourage a better-rounded outcome. Having their CEO talk about the culture Apple confirms that their company is rich in culture. Allowing such diversity brings varied expertise into the organization – such, the creation and innovation of Apple is perceived as more effective than having all identical theorists in the room.


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