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The Involvement of Measurement Units in Our Daily Lives

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Units are essential in our daily lives whether they are involved in the serving size of what we are eating or the instructions of how to build a chair. Units are necessary tools in our lives because they determine relative sizes. Units can regulate how big a drink can be or how many inches are left in a dorm to determine if you can fit two desks side by side. The components of units are required to create different recipes whether they are innovated inventions or determine how much sugar is in the coffee you are drinking. All around the world units are used by necessity, and all countries use the same system.

The system of units otherwise known as SI units or the Systeme International d’Unites. (source: textbook page 9) It’s a single system of units that was agreed upon nationally. That way units can be easily understood all around the world without confusion. SI units are broken down into several different categories, but the main portion of the system are known as the seven base units. (source: textbook) These base units are often used to measure the quantity of a solid, liquid or gas there is in a sample. (source: lecture notes on 9/5) The units can also be used to see how big or long an object or group of particles can be. Overall, the seven units can measure length (meters), mass (kilograms), time (seconds), temperature (Kelvin), amount of substance (Moles), electric current (Ampere), and luminous intensity (Candela). (source: textbook, page 9) As I stated earlier, these units are used nationally with the same exact names to prevent language and interpretation barriers. Without a common unit system it would be a mess internationally. The world would be in chaos especially when it comes to imports and exports for example.

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Countries would not know how much of a product they are ordering if they were to not know another countries unit system. Therefore, the SI unit system is essential, useful and involved in our lives as it helps us prevent hundreds of thousands of possible errors both locally and internationally. In my daily life I see units everyday whether I purposefully look or I happen to use a product with units which is basically everything. I snack a lot due to the fact that I have a lot of classes that are spread out throughout the day. Therefore, sometimes I do not have time for full meals which causes intensive snacking that I do almost daily. As for how units are involved, the amount of food I eat is explained through units. The units not explain how much product I am eating, but also how much of specific nutrients I am eating in each product. For example, one of my common snacks; a cliff energy bar, contains 25 grams of sugar. I try to keep track of my snacking to assure I do not eat more than I would at a normal meal, so units are very important and essential in my daily life. Another obvious example is that I use units in my chemistry lab. Except in lab it is extremely important to keep track of units to make sure you are using the right quantity of products to get the best quality of results. In conclusion, units are essential locally and internationally to help us understand quantity and quality of properties.


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