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How Avery Dennison Improved Salesforce

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Avery Dennison is an innovative worldwide leader in the manufacturer and distributor of labelling and packaging, adhesive technologies, merchandising graphics, and packaging materials. With offices and manufacturing plants in over 50 countries, they have needed to develop their I.T. infrastructure in order to engage customers and manage inventories. Avery Dennison have been using Salesforce for a number of years, but more recently identified the need to raise their game in line with latest technology and improved working practices.

More specifically, Avery Dennison identified the need to improve:

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  1. Mobility: To facilitate their sales team to work in a more flexible and mobile environment.
  2. Pipeline Management: To enable sales representatives to nurture and close deals more quickly through more advanced activity tracking.
  3. Foster Relationships: To improve the customer-company relationship of their international sales teams, as well as relationships with distributors and customers.

When Avery Dennison initially approached Cetrix Cloud Services, they were using Salesforce Classic, a product which had recently been replaced by the latest version called Salesforce Lightning. Cetrix quickly identified that by upgrading to Lightning, Avery Dennison could do more than address their existing challenges.

Cetrix was confident that the improved mobility offered by Lightning would enable Avery Dennison’s sales team to work transparently from any location. They would also be able to improve their lead management by utilizing Lightning’s latest pipeline nurturing facilities, and its advanced activity tracking abilities.

Cetrix was please to manage the upgrade for Avery Dennison’s 1000+ users, and the customization and deployment was so successful that the company rapidly began to extend their existing Salesforce platform by implementing some of its more unique features.

“The [almost] transparent transition we experienced was the result of Cetrix’s good planning and their solid roll-out strategy. We were particularly impressed by their strong communications, their understanding of our business, and their ability to project Lightning’s potential.”

Having upgraded from Salesforce Classic to Lightning, Avery Dennison were quick to find that the improved speed of its GUI, combined with some of its re-imagined work flows had immediate streamlining results on their business.

“After the initial learning curve, staff were dotting around the system like power-users.” After the upgrade, some staff were reticent to switch to the new user Lightning interface. Through training, Cetrix were able to demonstrate Lightning’s potential for improvements, and users found the transition much easier than was anticipated. Furthermore, the discoverability of Lightning’s new features such as the upgraded list views, dashboards, reports, and search capabilities meant that users were quick to understand the potentiality of the latest Salesforce version.

Avery Dennison were quick to point out that with the Salesforce Mobile App, their employees could access important information from anywhere via their mobile devices. It enabled them to work truly mobile, and fully connected. Having been using the latest version of Salesforce Lightning for some months now, Avery Dennison have found:

1. A huge improvement to their remote working capability. “The improvements to the mobile app where pointed out by our users from day one.” The organization felt that the additional flexibility provided would improve their distributed sales force mobility.

2. The improved Pipeline Management visualization facilities would enable staff to better manage and nurture leads and improve closing. The advance instant tracking facilities meant that managers are kept up to speed in real time, and users know exactly what their next step is.

3. A rationalized process in which to better foster customer-company relationships. The new Kanban opportunities view allows user to better manage their external relationships, whether it be with suppliers, distributors or customers.

Despite what first appeared to be a daunting upgrade from Classic to Lightning, Cetrix Cloud Services proved to Avery Dennison that through correct planning, asking the right questions, and on-going support, a successful conversion was attainable.


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