How Can Exercise Improve Your Confidence and Lead to a Healthy Lifestyle

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Mental health is something that many people deal with on a daily basis, but do not know the proper way to handle it. Most of the time, medication or drugs do not work based on how receptive the person is to the medication. One of the best ways to improve mental health is through excercise. Excercise can improve mental health because it reduces stress, builds self-esteem, and provides better eating habits.

One reason excercise improves mental health is because it reduces stress. Correspondingly, the anxiety level of a person decreases while excercising which causes better mood swings. An article written by Newsweek LLC describes “excercise as being a pretty good antidepressant (1)”. Excercise causes adults and teenagers to forget about everything surrounding their problems and to focus on the task ahead by releasing positive enderphins. Not to mention that the average human being is either stressed about work, family, or other problems in their lives. An article written by European Union News states that “It is also recongnized that people who have endured stress die up to twenty years younger”(8). Through excercise, people tend to complain less about the things that cause a negative distraction. In addition, excercise helps decrease depression for an individual although it is very serious. An article written by the Australian THE states that “depression recieves less attention that it deserves”(30). This proves that depression is being lacked and just because a person may excercise to fight it off doesen’t mean that it goes away instantly. Through excercise, mental health improves by releasing positive endoprphins and helps regulate the brain.

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Another way excercise improves mental health is because it builds up self-esteem for an individual. Excericise helps a person maintain a better self-appearance as well as maintaining self-confidence. An article written by CNN Wire states that “when someone excercises, confidence builds up in the mind”(1). The benefits of excercising eliminates the negatives that a person may see on themselves and makes them focus on the positive things. Furthermore, when a person has confidence within, it creates a positive outlook for them. The article written by the Western Mail suggest that “mental health issues are closely linked and physical activity can be very beneficial for mental health and well being”(1). This proves that the more physical activity a person has, the better the outlook will be for them. Not to mention once the individual has better self-esteem, it helps them focus on accomplishing their personal goals. An article written by wales online proves that “people need to know that they are not accomplishing goals on their own”(1). With high self-esteem, goals can be reached because of the positive determination within. Through excercise, better self values and outlooks start to increase on a person and affects their well-being.

The most importat thing to do after excercising is to practice better eating habits. In the same token, better eating habits help maintain weight and regulate food decisions. An article written by the Harvard’s Mens Health watch describes “people who exercised at least 30 minutes a day were different from sedintary people”(8). This goes to show that maintaining a healthy diet sets people apart from the ordinary people which makes more extraordinary people. Of course the purpose of a cheat day is to relax from the hard work and to be rewarded for the progress being made; however, knowing when to stop can be stressful. An article written by the American Fitness states”excercise increases the ability to cope in stressful situations”(1). All human beings have struggles and since cheat days are one of them, therefore excercise is the tool that helps regulate the individual. Again, since food brings energy to the body, maintaining daily eating routines can benefit the body and brain. PLOS VOL 14 describes it best stating “exercise can be used as a treatment for depression”(1). This statement backs up how daily eating routines with additional excercise benefit the body and decreases depression. Eating habits are the key to excercising because it has benefits for a human being mentally and physically.

The negative benefit of excercising is that too much of it can cause damage to the body. Uniquely, the human body is similar to a house and by causing damage to the human body can result in negative outcomes. An article written by the American Fitness states “excercise can cause long tern fatal structures on the heart”(27). This statement goes to show just one of many negative outcomes on excersise and how it is longterm. Not to mention that too much excercise can cause straining of muscle tissue, muscles, and ligaments which are key to the human body and movement. describes it best by backing up information stating “self contradictory excercise has negative effects on hippocampus “(1). Self contradictory excercising can cause damage to the body strongly and can affect ligaments as well. Furthermore, excercise can be good, but listening to the body is the most important concept of all. An article written by states that “Increasing the intensity of excercise can damage the heart”(7). This shows that not understanding the body can wear out the heart which can lead to heart disease or death. The negatives of excercise is not that it is bad for a person, but certain boundaries must followed in order to stay healthy.

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