How Can Yoga Help You With Loosing Your Weight?

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Are you one of yoga lovers? Well, if so, you must know that it is a wonderful way to gain some fexibility, get rid of daily stresses, enhance your mental and psychological activity and helps you have a healthy lifestyle. But, have you ever thought that it would be a way to lose some weight? Strange isn’t it? actually this strange relationship between yoga and losing weight has been discussed by many studies.

To be honest, yoga alone is not enough to raise your heart rate as much as other exercises like running or swimming. This means that depending on yoga alone would not be enough to burn enough calories. So, if your first target is to lose weight, it is highly recommended combining yoga with some other exercise you prefer. The question now is how does yoga help with loosing weight and here is the answer:

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1- one of the most common reasons of over eating is stress. Obesity has become one of our age criteria due to our stressful lifestyles nowadays.The more stressful condition you have, the more unhealthy lifestyle you probably live in. Yoga helps you get rid of your stress and anxiety. It helps you get more relaxed and more resistant to life difficulties. So it protects you indirectly from over eating. The state of body and mind relaxation caused by yoga automatically stimulates our body to get rid of overweight.

2-being overweighted, with those big amounts of fats, means having high levels of toxicity. Yoga works on body detoxification by stimulating internal detoxification organs like the liver and the kidneys that might have been lazy due to overweight. This would not only helps you lose weight but also have a better health. It is not all about being obese but those toxins can be fatal.

3-bad emotions would be a source of negative energy that makes you feel heavy. it gets you more lazy and hopeless. Many people take over eating as an addictional behavior in their try to compete with these emotions. Yoga would be an incredible way to get rid of this negativity. It seems like magic that lifts all this heaviness off your shoulders. When you feel burnt out, do some yoga and see the result. It helps break the known usual cycle of : being sad ➡eat more ➡gain weight ➡ being sad ….and so on.

So, it seems that yes, yoga helps you lose weight. Yoga has this imaginary power to enhance your mental, psychological and also physical well-being. It gives you the chance to live less stressed and so more relaxed life. regular yoga practicing even for some minutes everyday would greatly strength the connection between your body, your mind and your soul. It would help you understand your body and determine your needs. It would in turn lead you to a less tuned life. It is just a few minutes each day that can change your whole life. Because you deserve it and your body deserves it, I advise you to practice yoga everyday.


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