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How Cell Phones Have Changed Our Lives

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Why do they use cell phones the most? Phones in the last decade have become essential to our lives as they are the perfect way to stay connected. Not only do we use them to make calls but, to check our emails, play games, surf the internet, play music, search for directions, use the calendar, the calculator, do work, take notes, take pictures, get on social media, etc. Making them a virtual tool box. For instance, phones are slowly starting to replace cameras and laptops because of the price difference and they can do most of same things. Cameras on the first phones were considered extras but now they are able to take pictures similar to high end cameras. Not only are our phones able to take pictures but also record. With all the apps in the app store it is easy to edit a picture and video right after, all in one device, not needing a computer. This makes it easier for us to upload and share pictures faster.

Nowadays, it is easier to check/reply to an email and browse the internet on your phone because it is able to go with you everywhere, its faster and the size is convenient. This is making us save money and not struggle with carrying a big camera or laptops everywhere. With phones becoming a necessity in our lives because we are able to do many things on them, the competition between phones have increased. Making phones more affordable and very easy to understand. Making people choose them over tablets, computers and cameras.What is easier now that they have the use of these devices? (Abigail Munoz)

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Mobile phones have made our lives easier not only through communication but through consumerism, organization, and sharing our personal lives. Let’s discuss communication first, it is used in so many forms that having a cell phone can make it impossible not to communicate with people. Whether it be through email, text, video chat or over the phone, cell phones have helped us communicate at the touch of a button. Not only that, but for relatives who live hundreds and hundreds of miles away can now easily be reached through a phone call. In concept with our professional lives as well, having a cell phone can help a CEO communicate with someone in a whole other country to discuss business. Before cell phones, it was very difficult to communicate over seas and costly to send letters via mail.This brings us to our next topic which is consumerism.

People no longer need to go to the grocery store and actually get off to get their groceries, they do not need to drive out to a restaurant to order out, nor do they have to go to the mall to buy their winter clothes. Now with the help of our mobile phones, people are able to access everything they need through installed applications or online shopping on their phones. People also rely on cell phones to stay organized. Personally speaking, I myself use my cell phone calendar to remind myself of doctor’s appointments or a test coming up. Before, I believe people used to have hard copy calendars and would waste gas going to the stores and all over town.

Lastly, cell phones have made it easier for people to share their personal lives online. For instance, part of my family lives in Mexico but I can see what they are doing by logging into a social media website. I can also see my best friend’s baby or my cousin’s cute little Yorkie because they are able to share their personal lives online. Even though we may not always see each other, we are still able to see what we do on our day-to-day lives through social media. This is the case for many people throughout the US and worldwide. People are able to log in through social media by their cell phones. Cell phones now make it easier for loved one’s miles apart, business entrepreneurs and college students to communicate, organize their daily schedules and shop online. Therefore, cell phones have become part of our everyday lives and have made us extremely reliant. What are the disadvantages of using a cell phone? (Adamaris Carillo)

Although cell phones are the most reliable devices of the 21’st century, they can sometimes negatively influence our productivity or change the way our minds are wired to function. The most dangerous form of distraction which has resulted in thousands of fatal accidents is texting and driving which is something a lot of people do out of habit or an uncontrollable impulse. Our phones have sadly become our primary source of social interaction which becomes a problem when attempting to attend important matters such as driving, trying to do homework, or even just going on about a regular workday. We may not pay much attention to the fact that phones damage us in more ways than one.

Research shows that too much exposure to cell phones can damage our eyesight in the long run. The blue light emitted by our devices is the type of light that cannot be reflected or blocked by our cornea, according to researchers from the university of Toledo in Ohio. With phones being our source of entertainment and task management, we may be exposing our eyes to irreversible eye damage. By relying so heavily on our phones, we might find ourselves helpless without these multifunctional devices in the palms of our hands. Nomophobia, (a rapidly growing disorder amongst high school and college students) is the term for an individual who undergoes anxiety without their cell phone. Although cell phones could make our lives much easier, we should be aware that there are some negative aspects which may heavily impact the way our memory works without the help of technology, our vision and our ability to stay focused on the things that require our undivided attention.


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