How Cesar Harada Used the Ted Talk to Market His Cause by Showing His Prototype

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Cesar Harada is the director of Makerbay and inventor of Protei. In his Ted Talk he went onto explaining how he had left his marvel career behind him when news of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico broke. He dedicated his life to finding fast, affordable and sustainable ways to preserve the ocean and its marine life. Protei is a robotic sailing boat that was designed for the soul purpose of removing waste products from the ocean specifically oil spills which insulates the water which exposes sea life to harsh toxins, plastic debris which is known to pollute the water and become hazardous to sea life as they may consume it and radioactive material leaking from the nuclear power plant from Fukushima into the pacific ocean which damages the gene production in sea life causing healing process to slow down. 

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All of which being caused by man. The truly remarkable part of this being that instead of using his incredibly advanced technology to earn money he has open-sourced his design so that anyone can monitor, revise and improve it as technology advances. however, he has ran into a few roadblocks along the way. Many workers health has been compromised due to toxic waste products. More money is needed to fund the next prototype as well getting more people to get on board with helping to clean up the ocean while becoming more aware of the environment around them. 

Cesar Harada brings to light what majority of businesses prioritise in the order of profit, technology, people and the environment. With no surprise environment being their last priority. He then continues to explain that without the environment we have nothing which is why we should safeguard our people because without them we will not be able to advance technologically and make the profit that we need to sustain the environment thus why it should be our first priority. Business environments Micro environment Strengths Cesar Harada has created a strong brand drawing more people to support and fund his designs with this his project to improve marine life can start being exercised. He has also established a strong group of engineers who are also dedicated to supporting his cause by not just working for him but with him. More people are devoted to his cause because he has also produced prototypes of the sailing robot. Weaknesses Although because it is a non profit organization and he is not being paid for his design there are no stable financial resources to get the project up and running for more people to get involved and start prioritizing their environment over their profit Opportunities Business men and women are constantly looking for the latest and greatest trends to invest in and a sailing robot that helps marine life is perfect for good publicity hence why he has presented his idea on Ted Talk as more people will get involved and give sizeable donations. Technological advances could also speed up the product development sending the product into the market earlier than anticipated. Threats The biggest threat to the product development will be if there is a rapid increase in ocean pollution bringing it past the point of redemption rendering the product useless. Market environment Building the brand for the product is important in order for people to identify his product from others in doing this more people will be attracted to his cause as they will be guaranteed results as he already has prototypes that showcase his work. By identifying where their competitors aren't achieving success they're more susceptible to correcting it in their faster making it the more appealing product. As well as forming strong relationships with suppliers to get them their appliances for their product at good prices at prompt delivery. 

The business has little control in this environment hence why it is important for them to make sure they have built a strong business image so that buyers are open to investing in their cause. Macro environment Politically This product will positively affect the political situation of the country as oil spills cause large amounts of damage to fisheries that the government has to give money to repair. Cleaning up the oil spills are also health risks which means more money is then given to health care. Economically With the new product more people will become employed causing the unemployment rate to decrease meaning that more people will have to pay taxes resulting in the country moving up an economic class. Ethically This product feeds into the corporate social responsibility act as it works towards the bettering the environment and giving back to the community as it works towards making or beaches cleaner safer. Socially More environmentally conscious people are more susceptible to be buying into this product as it better for the environment and more people will fund his project and research. Technologically More people will become more actively involved through social media as well as automation will speed up the rate at which these sailing robots are manufactured not forgetting how much simpler it has become to purchase products online. Legal As it is a product that is going to be roaming the ocean it is important that it ticks all the safety boxes to ensure that it is not just going cause more waste to go into the ocean thus it must apply to the environment labour legislation. In conclusion, the novel idea for cleaning up oil spills will have positive impact on all business environments because many people would like to work towards a keeping the environment clean. 

The Ted Talk has also related back to marketing as Cesar Harada used the Ted Talk to market his cause by showing his prototype to viewers around the world providing them with useful information as to how they can improve the marine life. It has also linked back to creative thinking and problem solving as we are showed the process of how he has established what works by testing it in the water as often as possible. This Ted Talk was highly insight as it made us as viewers realize how we can buy into these cause that will help our environment as well as our economy.  

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