How Climate Change and Global Warming Affecting Polar Bears

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It is indisputable that polar bears have been vanishing from the north pole little by little, and soon will be extinct due to the causes of global warming, and the changing climate. As a matter of fact the “greenhouse effect” is the warming that occurs when specific gases in the earth's atmosphere trap heat, then cause what the world knows as climate change. Because of climate change Arctic sea ice which is the polar bears main habitat, and access to food, is melting away, which is aiding with the disappearance of the polar bear species. Since 2007, there were nine polar bear conflicts registered in all, in greenland, but in the last year 21 conflicts were registered just between August and December in the village of Ittoqqortoormiit Greenland alone. About forty percent of the current polar bear population is gone, and the percentage of multilayer ice cover has dwindled from 61 percent to only 34 percent. As stated by The International Union For The Conservation Of Nature, they predict that the global polar bear population will decline by more than 30 percent, by 2050 all due to sea ice habitat loss. In one particular case, a video published in December shows a malnourished polar bear on the mainland, in search of food. The polar bear has bones sticking out, and almost no body fat. The polar bear is desperate enough to look for food in a dumpster. The starving polar bear, also running out of energy was forced to move on land in search of a source of food. Because of the melting sea ice there isn't anywhere to catch seals, which is a main staple in their diet. After all that is the main reason why polar bears are moving closer to the mainland searching for a new source of food. Furthermore, research from Peter Ewins leader of Arctic conservation group WWF says in the long term the population of the species the polar bear eats is going to decline resulting, in there will no longer be a persisting source of high fat for the polar bear. Due to the declining number in polar bears organizations such as WWF are collaborating with scientists, local people, and conservationists in opposing gas and oil development in areas that are too ecologically valuable to uncover to the risk of suspicious Arctic oil spill clean up procedures. As said by Paul Crowley, director Arctic Program WWF Canada “This is a clear warning sign of the impact that warming Arctic has on ice dependant species like the polar bear. Given that this sub population is at the edge of the range, these survey results do not come as a surprise. These findings also highlight the importance of high quality and current information. Along with local and traditional knowledge, this information is essential to enable the co-management system to help meet the challenge of ensuring a long-term sustainable harvest of polar bears. We need to take action today on the main threat to polar bears:climate change”.

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Many people might wonder why is so many of the Arctics thick ice liquefying away so fast? In the direction to the solution we first need to look deeper into the causes of climate change, and global warming affecting polar bears, and their icey habitat. One significant cause is burning of fossil fuels. The reason why the polar bear population has dropped, is because of climate change, and climate change is caused by the current burning of fossil fuels to make electricity. As a matter of fact, WWF says the burning of coal and other fuels emits carbon dioxide and other gases that cover the earth, and trap heat which is causing global warming. Furthermore, people burn fossil fuels daily by using cars and heating in their homes. As said by professor Charlotte Lindqvist expert in climate change and polar bears at the University of Buffalo “The single most important factor to improve the long-term survival of polar bears is reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions and stabilizing Arctic sea ice”. A second cause, but also important one is factory farming. Nowadays, nearly 65 billion animals around the world are crammed into concentrated animal feeding operations, or for short CAFOs. CAFOs are farms where they torture, and imprison the animals in tight spaces. The reason why CAFOs are so bad for polar bears is because they contribute straight to global warming. How it works is animals are releasing great amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, which is causing global warming to become worse and melting the polar ice caps at top speed. According to a 2006 report by the Food And Agriculture Of The United Nations, animal agriculture is responsible for eighteen percent of all human induced greenhouse gas emissions, as well as thirty- seven percent of methane emissions, and sixty- five percent of nitrous oxide emissions. As stated by Philip Lymbery, chief executive of Compassion In World Farming said “Every day there is a new confirmation of how destructive, inefficient, wasteful, cruel and unhealthy the industrial agriculture machine is. We need a total rethink of our food and farming systems before it's too late.” Overall truly the causes of climate change, and global warming impacting polar bears living in the polar ice caps, is horrendous and appaling.

Considering the motivation as to why polar bears have started to starve and decline, it is just as crucial to consider the gravity of the effects that these polar bears find themselves in. One major point, and possibly the most important point, is the polar bear species will go extinct. The polar bear population has been dwindling due to habitat loss. Most polar bears have been starving to death, because there isn't anymore ice for the polar bear to hunt and breed on. Polar bears have lately started to lose energy faster, as a result to them not able to find a good source of food on the dryland. “The best estimates were got indicate that well probably lose somewhere around two-thirds of the worlds bears somewhere around mid-century, just based on the simple fact that were losing sea ice” says Andrew Derocher, a professor of biological sciences at the university of Alberta, as well as past chair of the International Union for the conservation of Nature's Polar Bear Specialist Group. A further point is factory farming destroying communities. As said by the United Nations Environment Program “The greenhouse gas footprint of animal agriculture rivals that of every car, truck, bus, ship, airplane and rocket ship combined...There is no pathway to achieve the Paris climate objectives without a massive decrease in the scale of animal agriculture”, what this quote man is factory farming is just as bad as any other fossil fuel contributor. The effect of factory farming is the people forced to live close to CAFOs often report becoming ill from toxic gases created by decomposing animal waste. Sadly property values drop once a CAFO moves in. Sometimes owners living next to a CAFO file property tax appeals and succeed in court, which shows that their properties lost value because of these industrial-scale facilities. Also a excessive amount of manure on the fields close by residences can cause wells to become polluted, which can threaten the health of the locals. Without a doubt the causes and effects of climate change and global warming's effect on polar bear is solely contributed by human beings.

Polar Bears International is an organization focused specifically to the great polar bear. The organization is comprised of group of spirited conservationists, scientists, and volunteers. Their goal is to assist in securing a steady future for polar bears across the Arctic. Due to the decreasing polar bear population, and as said by Dr. Steven chief scientist at Polar Bear International “As the world continues to warm, all of the sea ice eventually will be gone”, so as a result a team of conservationists, scientists, and volunteers, all passionate to help secure a future for the polar bears over the Arctic, created a nonprofit organization devoted entirely to wild polar bears which are as said by Steven Ampstrump chief scientist of Polar Bear International “The polar bear is the fuzzy face of climate change”. The organization Polar Bears International was founded in January 1994. Their headquarters are in Bozeman, Montana, MT, Churchill, Manitoba, and Canada.The founders are Carolyn Buchanan, Robert W. Burchman, Dan Guravich, and their chief scientist being Dr.Steven C. Amstrup.

The way Polar Bears International works to solve the problem as they described “Its a problem that extends beyond polar bears and the Arctic to affect all wildlife, and people too”, is by setting a fair price for carbon pollution. At present times fossil fuel companies gain direct money and are never held responsible for the environmental destruction they cause. So this as a result makes fossil fuels appear cheaper, than what they really are, which puts renewable energy in a competitive complication. By stopping the flow of money to fossil fuel companies, this will give an even playing field for all energy sources. So Polar Bears International has decided to start a petition that anyone can sign, and send it to the President, to force him to set the fossil fuels at a responsable price.

To prove that Polar Bear International works, once the playing field is even for all energy sources, that will allow free market forces to lead the way to a clean energy future, and eventually help curb consumer behavior to choose renewable energy sources instead, as said by Polar Bear International “By including the true cost of carbon in the price we pay for fossil fuels, we can speed up the transition to renewable energy future”. At the same time it will increase the economy and create jobs. A different reason why this solution will become successful is that if everyone signs the petition not only will the polar bears have a chance, the fees collected can be given back straight to citizens as a sum of money paid routinely to offset energy costs. As stated by Polar Bear International further backing up that their solution might just turn this problem around “Not only will this reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming, it will improve human health, reduce pollution, and strengthen the economy at the same time”.

As said by Jonathen Safran Foer author of the book Eating Animals “The factory farm has succeeded by divorcing people from their food, eliminating farmers, and ruling agriculture by corporate fiat”. That is why Farm Forward a group of people who are campaigners, and planners are trying to change the way the world farms and eats for the better. Due to all the horrible effects of factory farming and CAFO, they have strived to find their solution. Moreover Farm Forward is a non-profit organization that's goal is to decrease farmed animal suffering, advance sustainable food choices, and encourage conscientious food choices, because as stated by Farm Forward “Almost all chickens and turkeys in America are raised in dismal conditions on cramped factory farms, and confusing labels and marketing claims make it difficult to distinguish higher welfare products.”. Some examples of work they pursue is destroying the worst operations in factory farming, and promoting a reduction in the consumption of factory farmed meat, fish, eggs, and dairy, also as stated by Farm Forward themselves. This non- profit organization started in 2007, and was founded by its present CEO Aaron Gross. Aaron Grosses main work is animal advocacy, in addition to the scholarly field of religion and animals.

To solve the problem of how nearly all chickens and turkeys in America are raised in depressing conditions on cramped factory farms, or as stated by Farm Forward “Animals have paid the biggest price, suffering unprecedented levels of disease and deprivation”, Farm Forward has worked for years with leading animal welfare experts, and poultry farmers to create the free online and smart- phone based buying guide that is called Buying Poultry. What Buying Poultry does is reconnect consumers with higher well being poultry products, by categorizing every poultry brand as well as product in the US in order to see how they cared for the animals. The reason why they are doing this because as stated by Farm Forward themselves “Both consumers and farmers are frustrated by a broken system that has destroyed the links that once made it possible for Americans to buy poultry they trusted”. Basically the consumers can find out who has the worst products, and who has the best products in their local, and national grocery store.

Furthermore the buying guide Buying Poultry is successful. One example of why this solution is successful is that it allows people to ask poultry companies and retailers to provide higher welfare products. Another reason why it is successful is that it offers consumers the instruments they need to make the more humane decision. Buying Poultry also gives the consumer reliable information about how the products were produced, which helps lead the consumer in the right direction. Without a doubt it is just terrible and depressing for these helpless chickens and turkeys who have to endure horrible living conditions inside a tightly wound factory farm. Another quote by Jonathen Safran Foer “We know, at least, that this decision{ending factory farming}will help prevent deforestation, curb global warming, reduce pollution, save oil reserves, lessen the burden on rural America, decrease human rights abuses, improve publish health, and help eliminate the most systematic animal abuse in history”. So why not end Factory Farming that is why with this new app everyone has the opportunity to make the right decision on what produce to buy, in order to stop this madness. As stated by Farm Forward “Every time you use BuyingPoultry, it's like having this team of experts by your side”.

People who live near factory farms are getting negatively effected, and because of all these animals, abnormal amounts of carbon dioxide have been released into the air. Farm Forwards innovative smartphone based buying guide app, called Buying Poultry helps lead consumers towards the right direction. The app categorizes every poultry brand, in order for the consumer to see which is the best brand in their local supermarket. It helps decrease the amounts of carbon dioxide, which helps polar bears, but at the same time will help communities near factory farms. As said by Krissa Welshans from Feedstuff Foodlink, March 13, 2014 “Don't let bad become normal”. So that is why Farm Forward offers consumers the instrument they need to make the more humane decision. It also ranks every poultry brand in any local grocery store, so that the consumer can find out where the meat came from, and how it was raised. Another reason the solution will work is it forces poultry companies, and retailers to provide higher welfare products. The app can find information about what the companies can do to improve conditions for animals. Farmers will be required to produce a higher level of interest, so as to get consumers to buy their products. As said by Paul MCcartney “If slaughterhouses had glass walls we would all be vegetarian”. This quote proves that factory farming is inhumane, However Buying Poultry provides the consumers the instrument they need to fix that mistake and make the more humane decision. Also Farm Forward demands poultry companies and retailers to supply the ideal quality products.

While it is true that Farm Forwards app Buying Poultry better helps the polar bears, some research claims that the organization Polar Bears International is better suited for saving the polar bears. Polar Bears International is devoted entirely to polar bears. There solution is for everyone to sign a petition to the President that can set fossil fuels at a fair price, and gives an even playing field for all energy sources. However one cannot deny that Farm Forwards plan is happening now, while Polar Bears International is going to take a longer time. Although Polar Bears International solution sets all energy sources at a fair price leading the customers to use clean energy, Farm Forwards solution not only helps the polar bears, but also animals living inside factory farms, and locals next to factory farms. As proof of Polar Bears International progress Eric Deweaver, the program director of the Climate and Large-Scale Dynamics Program at the National Science Foundation said about Steven Amstrup directer a scientist at Polar Bears International “His work on polar bear conservation is tremendously important, not only for polar bears but for the entire Arctic ecosystem, and for the multitude of species around the world that are now at risk from global warming”. On the contrary they are dedicated solely to polar bears. Their mission is to conserve polar bears and the sea ice, through science, media, and advocacy. Also they support, conduct, as well as share scientific research that advises polar bear conservation. In addition for many years they have emphasized cooperation with experts in technology, science, and media to notify their work. They are runned and supported by devoted by devoted teams of professionals who've committed their careers to sea-ice and polar bear conservation. Consequently their objective is to deliver the best accessible science to institutions, governments, policy makers, and the public, so as to motivate people to take action, as Steven Amstrump said “Human nature is such that, if you think there's nothing you can do, you don't do anything”. Although people may disagree to Farm Forwards solution, many people might agree that Polar Bears International solution is best due to them being focused on polar bears, and their many years of research with experts, in order to share their work .

Farm Forwards smart phone based buying app, called Buying Poultry directs consumers to the right direction, which will help those who live near factory farms, and most importantly polar bears. The app organizes every poultry brand from worst to best in every supermarket in the U.S, thus decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. As it happens if we do not do anything to stop climate change and global warming polar bears could go extinct, and more, and more people near CAFOs will become ill. Typically polar bears depend on sea ice to hunt and store energy for the summer as well as autumn, when food is lacking. However as polar bears are spending long periods without food, their health furthermore declines. Due to all the unhealthy bears, more cubs as a result are dying because of the scarcity of food or lack of fat on a nursing mother. Since the loss of these polar bears is devastating especially sense they play an important role in their ecosystem. It is essential that everyone joins in and stops from buying factory farmed products by using the app Buying Poultry.          

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