How Computers Change The Way We Think Summary

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Computers are tools that change the way humans think. Afore computers written language influenced the way people process information. Written language is still influencing the way people think, but computers are having the largest impact on human minds.

The mind is essentially a computer. Children now are using various forms of technology in school, as early as kindergarten. It is difficult to decipher whether the influence of computers is to their detriment or to their advantage.

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With this new age of technology, the right to privacy is becoming a greater issue. Young people view privacy as a privilege. Inside a democracy, privacy is a right. Students are giving up their private information on the internet with no precautions or second thoughts. Young adults have accepted that they are always under electronic surveillance.

Avatars and online personas can provide a safe place for young people to explore identities. Internet versions of themselves can also make it more difficult for them to develop authentic identity. Online games or online worlds can give players the illusion of friendship, while avoiding the real work needed to form a true bond of friendship. Relationships in games are surface level and hinder the players from revealing sincere feelings with real people.

Software like Power

Point shape the way American culture is sharing ideas. PowerPoint has turned the concept of a presentation into a massive idea. The PowerPoint software encourages a monologue, as opposed to an open dialogue. Presentation tools teach the brain that how something looks is more crucial than the content itself. Another software to be aware of is Word. Programs like Word can turn a capable writer into a magnificent writer, but it can also make an inferior writer even poorer. Before Word, writers took the time to compose a thought-out notion. After the use of Word, contemplating concepts in advanced has become a foreign concept for many students. The way PowerPoint and Word affect the mind are detriment to society.

Before computers advanced, people who used them typically knew how they worked. The situation changed when the user interface was simplified and alluring icons were added. The new icons made it so anyone could operate a computer. People have grasped how to operate a computer, but do not understand how they work.

Computer simulations have become a part of everyday life, spanning over all aspects of life. They provide an environment where all guidelines are clear to the users. Simulations mostly put the dilemmas as good vs. evil, but the real world extensively more complicated. Players are learning how to maneuver around an obstacle in a game or simulation. Opposed to trying to understand the objective of the task. Society needs more tools to improve reading skills since American culture has centered around simulations.

Conceivably simulations could be used to improve reading comprehension. Tools are needed to widen horizons not limit them. In the past, only a select group of engineers, programmers, and other technologists were considered “computer people”. Currently immeasurable amount knowledge being taught by computers. Society needs to decipher if that is good or bad and when it is to their benefit. Computers are being used in American culture to understand the rest of the world, and how individuals see their place on Earth. Computers are shaping people’s identities and thoughts. Americans are all computer people at this moment, and it is up to them to decide to stay computer people or make a change.


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