How Cyberbullying Corrupts Social Media

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Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place over digital devices like cell phones, computers, and tablets. Cyberbullying can occur through sms, text, and apps or online in social media, forums, or gaming where people can view, participate in, or share content. Cyberbullying includes sending, posting, or sharing negative, harmful, false, or mean content about someone else. It can also include sharing personal or private information about someone else causing embarrassment or humiliation. Manipulation to the mind is also rather easier over the internet rather than face to face.

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Cyberbullying can simply be started by a harmless post, or photo, maybe even a friendly text. Or so you thought it was! According to an article I’ve read, “ a recent online plot study, young people who engage in cyberbullying behavior reported these reason for their action: posting without thinking they could hurt someone (72%), to get back at someone (58%), they deserved it (58%), fun or entertainment (28%), to embarrass the target (21%), to be mean (14%), show off for friends (11%), other reason (16%)”. Cyberbullying can be started from many different reasons as you can see. They also can come in many different shape sizes and forms. For example, you can have you rich children group over your poor children group, your children that feel left out group over your popular children group, your honor student group over your students that tends to struggle group. Anyone nowadays that's technology experienced and falls under these categories may as well be you cyberbully creators.

Cyberbullying differ from face to face bullying in many different ways. For instance bullying was more common in your school mostly during school hours. Meaning yes for eight hours of your day you may spend time ducking and dodging your bully, but that’s the point you still had outlets to try and avoid your bully. Finding safe spaces to escape to, or instead of a bully having a million viewers their viewers are limited to your embarrassment because your at school. When also being a bully you give your attackie the chance to be face to face with you as well as identify who you are. To maybe try and put a stop to it or may even confront you. On the other hand being a cyberbully has plenty of advantages towards it’s attackie. For example none stop harassment 24/7/365. It can go viral for the whole world to see. Just as well as a cyberbully cannot be identified. There’s no escaping, your phone and or tablet. It’s rather also harder to empathize with your attacker beings though you have no idea who or what the person is or look like. I can say actually say myself that cyberbullying has taken bullying to a whole nother dimension.

Cyberbullying can create as well as cause a lot of physical, mental, emotional, and psychological effects. Beings though it’s very rare that you will actually track down your cyberbully to confront them. It does begin to become a bit frustrating, which creates alot of anger, that leads to sadness. According to an article I’ve skimmed through, “ it does state that cyber bully victims are often stressed making it difficult for them to identify where the harmful online behavior is coming from”. Low-self esteem is followed, which may have you contradicting yourself as well as your actions. It can have you thinking that your follow peers or colleagues dislike you. An as yourself-esteem begins to rapidly reduces because of your assumptions, it can start to cause you to isolate yourself from your environment. As well as your family, friends and closely significant other. It can lead them to think that being around others can hurt them, or cause them emotional pain. Cyberbullying may lead to a person excluding and ostracing themselves from public places. Such as workplaces and or school. Becoming a victim of cyberbullying may lead to massive outlets, an though you may think your healing the process your doing nothing more than hendring the process. Doing things such as drinking alcohol and or smoking in response to the abusive behavior. Or creating behavior problem at work and or school. Your interest level of doing much of anything has decreased massively. Forgetting responsibilities began to take a toll an is at an all time low. Grades begin to show effectiveness in going down. An when you consider to yourself that enough is enough and you can’t take it anymore, you begin to imagine a better life that has you not in it. Imagine life without a you on the Earth to make things and people worse. Thinking that that would really make all your problems go away and everything will be back to it’s normality. Suicide is a very dangerous thing, and if it’s not handled accordingly it will effect a lot of families.

Being anonymous online may conflict in breeding hate. It can also breed self-hate. When it begins to do that it has now manipulated and infiltrated its plan to inside of your brain. So instead of being a statistic to cyberbullying, find some effective ways to being a survivor and a peer leader to cyberbullying. Find as well as create solutions and programs to better help your community or someone that’s afraid to come forward with being cyberbullied, or maybe even someone that’s going through it and don’t know what to do to put a stop to it. Things like talking to your community about cyberbullying. Having weekly awareness groups in the community to identify the acts of cyberbullying. So that it can try to be prevented before it’s even started. Be able to share your story with the people of the community to build a better positive climate around your community, as well as beginning to build trust with the people of the community which make them not afraid, but more comfortable to come forward if their experiencing signs of cyberbullying. Lastly restoring self-respect which is, the goal to give the victim restoration of their respect. Don’t move or act without putting yourself in the situation as well as thinking things through thoroughly. Learn to get advice from more than just one party. It’s a community of you all, so learn how to use the support that you have now built to make them feel apart of the movement of destroying cyberbullying.



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