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“The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you know, the more places you’ll go” – Dr. Seuss. So, how I learned to read and write? Reading has always been important to me even though it has not always been my favorite thing to do. I have learned so much through reading. Lately, I have been interested in reading different medical journals and studies because I learn so much from them. This is helping me out tremendously because I want to become a doctor someday. I have also enjoyed reading The Hunger Games trilogy and the Pretty Little Liars book series to see how the movies and the TV shows mirror the books and it is also interesting to me to see different perspectives on the books with the movies and TV shows. Another example is whenever I had to read The Great Gatsby during my junior year. It was interesting to me to hear the tragic story about the death of the American Dream. In a way, it gave me a new perspective as to what that means and some of the unrealisticness surrounding it. When I was little, maybe around 2 or 3, I can remember my grandfather always teaching me new things about reading and writing. We would read different books together, we would practice writing different words and numbers, and we would play different games that helped me learn.

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Every chance I would get, I would always want to read books with my grandfather. I remember wanting to read my Doctor Seuss books to me, especially Green Eggs and Ham. I would always try to keep a bunch of books that I liked to read at my grandparents’ house. I would also have different Disney books there. I remember being obsessed with The Little Mermaid. He would always read different books about the different stories in the movie. With the coloring books that I had, they always had short little stories to go along with the pictures. He would read them to me and then I would have to sound them out and eventually read them myself. Although he probably was not interested in Doctor Seuss and Disney books, I do remember that it helped me be slightly ahead when I started school.

After I started to get a little more comfortable with reading on my own, both of us would sit down at the kitchen table and he would show me how to write out every letter in the alphabet. I knew how to spell my full name by this time, but I just did not know how to write at all. He would show me what each letter was and an example word to go along with the letter. After I started to understand that, he would show me how to write my name. He would point out each letter in the alphabet, show me how to write the letters, then I would try to mimic what he did. Although my handwriting was not the most legible, I still learned how to write my name. After that, he would teach me how to write different people’s names that are in the family, my address, and many other things. I remember him buying me these writing books that had the kind of wide-ruled paper that you had when you are in like kindergarten or first grade. I would write my name all over that thing. I would write numbers through 20 I think. I loved to write, so that book was very important to me at the time.

When I started to learn how to use a computer, maybe when I was around three or four years old, I would play this game that was on a disc called, Jump Start Kindergarten. It was my cousin’s old game so it was from 1998 I think. This game would have me read these simple sentences. There were parts of the game where I would have to unscramble a sentence and he would always help with those and all of the math problems on there. Sometimes, it would have a list of sentences and he would help me list them in sequential order. I can say that this helped me once I started to go to school because it was not all new information.

In conclusion. My grandfather taught me how to read and write by reading books with me, writing different words and showing me how to write out the alphabet, and playing different educational games with me. That’s how I learned to read and write. I am very thankful that he did this with me because I was able to excel during the early years of school and read at a higher grade level than what I was in. I do not exactly know why he did that but I try to thank him now and then for it. Even though reading is not exactly my favorite thing to do, I still enjoy it if it is something I am interested in or I have a purpose to read rather than it is just for an assignment.  

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