How Did Martin Luther King Changed the World

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In first stage, Dr. Martin Luther influence people with the valued ideas and thoughts of spreading equity, justice and freedom . After that, he got the social power and support from his followers. King succeeded in achieving his main goal of the civil rights movement, which was to create a sense of shame on the racist people and challenge their belief that they were superior to others with a goal of reconciliation. King’s leadership was important in the 1960s as America saw an official end to racism and sexism, preparing the country for a multicultural society. Dr. Martin was a great speaker, who influenced his follower by the power of the “word”. King was famous for the “I Have a Dream” speech which considered one of his enduring speeches. “I Have a Dream” speech accepted as one of the most significant speeches in the twentieth century. One year after this speech, he awarded Nobel peace prize at age of 35. He is still the youngest who awarded this prize for peace. When King spoke, people listened and followed him because of his moral, ethical and effective leadership style. How how did Martin Luther King changed the world ?

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King did not claim to be a leader without any moral shortcomings, but he did provide an overall example for his followers to emulate. The development of Martin Luther King streets all overthe country indicate the symbolic impact he had during his life. As heunderstood the deeper meanings of God and social injustice, he began to try to live up to society’s expectations for him when he was in the conventional stateof moral development. King became a moral leader whose actions made his words powerful. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech carried great authority because of the moral leadership that he provided for the civil rights movement.

If King were alive today, he would doubtless encourage those who celebrate his life to recognize their responsibility to struggle as he did for a more just and peaceful world. He would prefer that the black movement be remembered not only as the scene of his own achievements, but also as a setting that brought out extraordinary qualities in many people. If he were to return, his oratory would be unsettling and intellectually challenging rather than remembered diction and cadences. He would probably be the unpopular social critic he was on the eve of the Poor People's Campaign rather than the object of national homage he became after his death. His basic message would be the same as it was when he was alive, for he did not bend with the changing political winds. He would talk of ending poverty and war and of building a just social order that would avoid the pitfalls ofcompetitive capitalism and repressive communism. He would give scant comfort to those who condition their activism upon the appearance of another King, for he recognized the extent to which he was a product of the movement that called him to leadership.

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