The Vision of Future in the Worlds of Orwell and Huxley

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In the past philosophers, astronomers, and authors all attempted to predict what the future would be like. Either through mere speculation or by the judgement of constellations and their orientation, gret thinkers all wonder what society’s destiny is in terms of growth and its end. George Orwell and Aldous Huxley were no exception. Their ideals in their two dystopian prophetic books, 1984 and Brave New World respectively, reveal their differing perspectives on the same issues that they foresaw in their novels. Though both perspectives provide insight it is clear to see that Huxley’s vision is better suited for contemporary society, a society that has grown numb to the copious amount of available information, indifferent to the conformity of greed, and hungry for innovations that distract and oppress.

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With all of the jaw-dropping heinous attacks worldwide, it is unsettling to witness our culture become so fixated on material things which blind us from seeing and acknowledging true suffering in the world. Even as war rages on in the Middle East and refugees flood the earth looking for a place to call home, the “trending” topics in America are the Kardashians and what their newest line of overpriced perfume. As opposed to Orwell’s view that an outside force would suppress us, Huxley believed we would enslave ourselves. We would develop into a culture that was superficial, cheap, and basic. This is true and prevalent throughout American culture. As a whole, we have developed into a society full of greed and have become a society that only looks and serves ourselves. Such is the problem of the typical workman. Everyday they enter office buildings and slave away in front of a screen enclosed by their cubicle. People willingly go into these situations and kid themselves into believing it is a selfless act, when they are only focused on their own corporal advancement.

Huxley prophesied that the problem of our generation wouldn’t be of censorship but that books and newspapers would become so antiquated that no one would care to read. Unlike Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, where the government takes action and blocks access to books and takes away the citizens rights, society has become a place that is infatuated with their own disease: ignorance. Montag, the protagonist, realizes his own wife’s enslavement to her “perfect” world. Although it is similar to Orwell’s prophecy that the government is hiding information, in the society of Fahrenheit 451 the knowledge is attainable, but not yearned for. Every night people succumb themselves to overdosing and living in a conformity of negligence. No one truly seeks to be freed, other than a select few who have hidden from society.

As postman had described our world has chosen slavery to greater addictive poisons as an attempt to distract us from the emotions that we’d feel otherwise. The oppression that has been revealed to us was chosen as a whole, as Huxley prophesied.

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