The Reduction of Gun-Deaths Rate in Different Countries

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More than the word strict, I guess what is important is how gun laws are different to countries and why are they effective? Would strict gun law mean less mortality rate on people, more docile individuals, and proper gun control? How do we establish gun control? In this day and age, there is an alarming truth that is spreading especially in the United States, how do you reduce rates of gun-deaths?

People have been frightened because the world is becoming such a dangerous place to live. The mass shootings are even happening to the most public places where you never imagined that something horrible could happen but yet, it did! Here is a list of countries who have a strict and yet, effective gun laws in the world:

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To get a gun license in Sweden, you need to show that you need it. Some examples being part of the gun practice shooting club and hunting license purposes. In Sweden, it is hard to procure one license that could really be called an automatic weapon. Although if you do get that kind of license, there are also laws on how to secure your weapon and what kind of cabinet to use.


With a population of more or less 200 million people living in Japan, the country is considered as one of the strictest abiding country when it comes to gun laws. It would need a lot of process for you to obtain firearms and own a gun. Did you know that they only record at 10 deaths a year because of shooting? In Japan, in order to procure a firearm, you need to attend training classes, pass a paper-test exam, get a 95% accuracy rate in the shooting range, pass a mental-health exam, thorough background check on your profile, and check your criminal records. This is not a one-time only test. If ever you get to buy a gun (only shotguns and air rifles are allowed), you need to retake the test once every three years!


Australia is one leading example that the government can indeed change for the better especially with their gun laws. Because of these changes, shootings have been cut in nearly half which is a big drop from 2.2% in 1995 to 0.08% per 100,000 people in 2006. What did Australia do? The government paid its citizens to sell their guns! Given that the taxes in Australia increase because of the devised gun-control strategies, almost 650,000 weapons were destroyed after it.

United Kingdom

There is no more private ownership of guns in Britain and total banned firearms throughout United Kingdom as they have seen the changes in Australia as well. United Kingdom took the approach in merging different gun-control strategies to revise theirs. The result is encouraging as they only got 50-60 shooting deaths in Wales and England which has 56 million people in population. They did the following amendment such as they require gun owners to legally register their weapons. Also, they made a program in which they will buy back the guns of their citizens which resulted to getting 700 firearms from their citizens.

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