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The Signs That the Place Is in Need of Interior Decorating

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Yes, there were some words, something similar to the title crawling in the mind since few months. I went to my friend’s house on Diwali occasion. It was me and him, we both bought the flats same time in the different wings. I was open mouth and speechless when I stepped in his house. Which words I should pen down to visualize one with interior designs of his house? Attractive and fascinating, I was completely held by his house decoration. Same two flats, his and mine, and still both differs like hell and heaven. I always thought I have inbuilt sense of creativity and art and so never gave second thought turning to the interior designer or the decorator. I threw myself on the sofa, sipped a glass of water and still mute. Overwhelmed, I was looking for his spare time to express my feelings and enriched me with the best tips of interior designing.

Till then I busied my presence in observing corners of the house and touching and calculating the placement of the accessories on that particular spot. What’s the great was in it? Don’t I have all these ideas in some corner of my mind and rather I thought his decoration is copied to some of my designing. No, I am not professional interior designer or decorator but possessing creative nature, I always passed the best tips of interior decorator to friends and family. Then where I was pulled back that my house didn’t had the pleasant ambiance like his.

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The wall mounted television cabinet and the cornered book shelves have merrily spared the floor space or otherwise to be drowned in confusion. The legged sofa with removable cushions any time was literally adjusted in the living room occupying the respectful area. The removable cushions were of great ideas. Yes, that sofa can fit in it different shapes of the cushions with changeable covers and that at an affordable cost. Isn’t it great to bring new looks with the changing weather or on special occasions. I put a huge leather stuffed sofa without legs that actually constrict to the place and was immovable for its weight. I ornamented living room walls fixed floor kissing wooden showcase for television and books placement. Even the accessories to signify the beauty of the space were also arranged in the same cabinet. This arrangement in my living room has emerged a vision of flooding things. The difference in two house interior was that I can feel that the non-living things were breathing in his and the same were suffocating in mine.

I was tired, mentally. I had loaded my small brain with many more ideas of interior designing. I want to stretch for while. I cornered my figure and spied in the next room intentionally for some space to spread. I pushed myself in. The decent outlook of the room was warm and alluring. Bedroom means a feel of “my room”. Yes, a space in the house that can nude you in your way. The self centred measured sized chandelier in the ceiling effusing dim yellow light was completely justifying the environment of the room. Double layered curtains, one whitish netted and transparent backend with light weight two shade darker colour. The pastel coloured walls were playing romantically with the coffee coloured fixed wooden wardrobe, only one but triple doors, and the slim dressing table with round puffed sitting table inviting to add more beauty in your appearance. So cool and enchanting it was. Notoriously, I was missing a partner. I never felt the same in my bedroom and I can recollect how overflowed was my wardrobes, the big glass mirror aiming to cover myself completely in it, the gorgeous weighted curtains, heavy watts power, made the ambiance loaded and tiring. I was enquiring myself if I had hired any of the top interior decorator.

It’s time now; I need to stuff my hunger. I cut through the kitchen. After admiring the two rooms, I was prepared to comment on the kitchen area. Same as mine, it was modular kitchen style. It was neat, well organised, colour combination was unique and small space is equally distributed to the essentials.

Lost in thoughts, I was shaken by my friend’s touch. Greeting him a very happy Diwali, I shoot him with my list of queries about interior decoration services. He laughed and hugged me. We dined together and he detailed me why he felt the urge of interior decorator. The best tips and affordable service from the interior decorator has manifestly designed the complete house. It was late in the night. I need to revise my decorative ideas with new fresh elements in the same. I was backing home with return gift of decorator’s work excellence.


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