How Do Teens Deal with Cyberbullying Through the Social Media

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 I once knew a friend who was cyberbullied, it's a big deal and i want to know how did he deal with it? Or even how do teens cope with the fact that they are being bullied over and over again with no guidance or comfort? The issues are pretty brief: suicide, self harm, self conscious ,and self hate! Parents of the bully usually think it's just a “misunderstanding” but is suicide a misunderstanding? I think people these days don’t take it as seriously as it supposed to be taken and some even encourage it! This paper will focus mostly on, how do teens cope with cyberbullying, how to end cyberbullying, and how often does it happen/who does it affect mostly!

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How often does cyberbullying happen? Well it happens a lot, 15.5% of high schoolers are cyber bullied for their hair, clothes, skin color, mental disability, and special needs! It happens even more in middle school, because the kids are more gullible and more self conscious to believe what the bully is telling them! Some Parents are very cautious to this situation, but the parents of the bully sometimes just doesn’t care. So it gets worse and worse until it leads someone to take their own life! Cyber Bullying hurts people in so many horrible ways, and sadly this happens more than average!

How do teens deal with this situation? Parents, you can take time out of your day just to check your child's phone in case he/she has a bully trying to convince them something or harm them. The teens can put down the phone and just don’t engage with the bully and talk to a trusted adult or a friend! 12% admit to cyberbullying someone, and 34% admit to having experienced a cyberbully. To prevent cyberbullying we can turn the phones off, log out of that account till the bully leaves you alone, and tell a trusted adult or counselor. If a person online is showing the slightest bit of rudeness towards you and others tell a adult or even log out to get away from the possible bully.

What if the tables turn? Your daughter or son could be the cyberbully! That sounds crazy right, but most of cyberbullies have a lot of attitude changes, slipping grades, moodiness, habitual use, evasive or secretive behavior, and multiple accounts on social media so they can go back and forth from their “bully account” and their main account where they are “innocent”. Most teens can be sucked in to being a cyberbully just as a self conscious or gullible teens can be sucked into being cyberbullied. Here's a tip for parents: Be cautious and curious about your child's use of social media it may affect his/her reputation in the future in a good way. If you just let them do what they want, yes they will become into a cyberbully or worse.

Teachers and the school district deal with cyber bullying by using computer or library searches to find out the different types of cyberbullies and ways to stop/prevent them. They also use speeches or role plays about cyber bullying ever three times a year to bring down the chance of being cyber bullied. There is a big punishment for all bullies emotional or physical! When they get caught or reported they are in big trouble! A Lot of teachers are against all this, cyberbullying happens a lot at home in your phone, but physical bullies are at school. Physical bullies are what teachers are used too! So they try their best when it comes to cyberbullying.

Where does cyberbullying happen? Well there can be some cyberbullying victims at school, while its all fun and games getting laptops for school, people can get severely cyberbullied on those devices. It happens on social media platforms like, instagram, facebook, twitter, snapchat, and other chat rooms like kik, groupme, and whatsapp. These bullies apparently don’t have any parental control, that's why they think they can be a bully for fun, because no one taught them different.

The reason why cyberbullying is more common than physical bullying is because, when people are bullying someone you know how they exactly are, buy online you remain anonymous and so you can go on with your day at school without people knowing your a cyberbully and then you can get home a discriminate, make fun of, hurt people's feeling, fat shame, and worse tell people to “just go die” which is sadly common in the two types of bullying. How would you like it if someones was telling you to “go die”? It hurts and some people don’t understand as well as others! Now with physical bullies they go home and have a normal, nice, and non bullying life but when they get ot school they are the “top dogs”because their parent isn’t there to control them. When they get caught, they usually get a call to their parents and then which she/he would come to the school and talk to him/her, then put him in “In School Sunseption” (ISS for short), but does that really stop the bullying? But in cyberbullying world you don't get ISS you get nothing. You get the feeling that you're bigger than someone else and people just let it slide i guess. Well we should start preventing both cyberbullying and physical bullying. 1 out of ten victims tell a trusted adult about their cyberbullying.

My friend that got cyber bullied is now in a homeschool environment and he is living his best life, because he told a trusted adult and she took the app off iphone and blocked the bully from his messages! What he did was right, but what he was going through was wrong. Stand up for what is right! The “misunderstanding” of suicide and cyberbullying is not okay, and that's what we are going to fix from now on. my friend had no guidance while he was being cyberbullied, but when he was brave enough to go out and look for guidance it helped him and his life. Being bullied is not a joke, it never was and never will be.  

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