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The Beneficial Impact of Art and Imagination on an Individual

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Art is related in every aspect of our life. It generally influences our social, emotional, spiritual behavior, it helps us express or explore our ideas and emotions towards art. For example, the famous painting “Mona Liza”, there are some people who consider this painting as unattractive and weird due to the absence of her eyebrows in the painting and for others it is controversial because of her unexplained smile. We have our own perception on art; we have different ways on how to interpret art in our life.

Oftentimes, Art influences our decision making, Art gives us the ability to think and widen our thoughts and ideas. Furthermore, Art gives us signs and reminders on how to live our life. In every place in this word, there are artworks. Those artworks have its significant messages that are mostly use as a symbol of strength and power. The value of art is not based on how much the art is but mainly how the art is being created. There are artist who created art when they are sad, happy, and in love. Through these emotions, the artist is able to create a good masterpiece and it helps the artists to express their feeling. Thus, there are artists who want to express anger using art, some use art as a sign to their rebellion. Art helps us continue our legacy without giving up.

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In politics, the function of art is for the artists to show their insights and promote their rights in our government. Other artists use art to deliver their demands and needs as part of the government. Art is basically, a tool for their rebellious acts against the governmert.

Being open minded is one good characteristics of an artist that enhance their creativity in creating art. It is about the story behind every art, and how the artist influenced the viewer’s perception regarding art. A creative artist has its own unique masterpiece that has its own significance. Most of the time, in this modern time, there are some instances that artist tent to imitate or copy someone’s art. For me, the value of art is not on how much you’ve spend in doing such art but on the uniqueness of the art, as well as, the message of the art.

An artists’ imagination plays a big role in creating or producing art, it serves an inspiration and motivation to an artist. This allows the artist to explore things that may help him create an art. Art also speaks up on your behalf. For example, if you want to send message or express thoughts but you don’t know how to express it personally, we tend to use art to express our message and ideas. Language is the main tool in communication, thus, art is also a significant tool to communicate.

Artists uses painting, sculpture, lettering, printing, digital imaging and more to help them communicate to their viewer, to be able to impart their goals and messages. By merely looking at the art, the viewer is able to identify or understand the message, this is called visual art. Other forms of art involves film or movie where in there artists portray significant information, uses music, directors and good lighting for the viewers to appreciate and understand it well. Using our body art a tool to produce art is called performance art. Artists interpret certain act using their own skill in acting, dancing etc. In architecture, architects uses their creativity in terms of building houses that are mostly requested by clients to be able to build their dream house, other reason is to build a building that is very eye-catching for the people to patronize it.

For example, “The Venice Grand Canal Mall” located at McKinley Hill at Taguig City. Though this is inspired in Venice in Italy, it is very popular here in the Philippines because of its solemn and picturesque views. Artists build eye-satisfying buildings to market it on different places all over the word. This will help contribute to the development of our country in terms of tourism.


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