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How Does Bitcoin - Altcoin - USD Vicious Circle Take Money From Traders??

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First of all it should be analyzed as follows: At the beginning of trade, your account will be converted into one of the following three:BTC – Altcoin or USDWhat is the major investors in the market (sharks) need? It is USD, not BTC or Altcoin anything.

That is the US dollars from your pocket, there will be times shark collection BTC, there will be times shark Altcoin collection, but as long as the final trick you get all dollars. BTC / Altcoin may increase, but may decrease sharply, but at any point in time the dollar is really worth something, and exactly how much loss / profit. The spin beginsLet’s take an example of a cyclone starting in April this year. To drive this spin, it is necessary to stimulate two things: greed and impatience, as well as an overview, covering the market. The plan was implemented by increasing the price of BTC before, the BTC price increases continuously and continuously from late March to April, until May reached $ 2000 has made the BTC fever really started. Inflated media, super-optimistic forecasts, From data on user interest through the Google search engine, it can be seen that the BTC peaked at the spot on May 25. / 2017 is also the day it drops very strong price of $ 1500 – $ 1700. First of all, BTC is the hottest name, the most popular pull most of us become trader, not ETH or XRP or LTC. From the BTC we know coin, then known trade. Thus, the mission of the Board every time to increase the price is to use the reputation, the stimulation of greed to bring new players into the market. These are the lucrative, lucrative, inexperienced and available money. So this round is mainly to attract the number of participants before. The second spinAfter the prey buys a large amount of BTC, the BTC price will stabilize and move sideways or fluctuate with small amplitude, this is a new trader does not like. Nowhere on the day 1BTC increased $ 200, $ 300. Anger will be utilized thoroughly.

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At this point, Altcoin will be pushed up prices, when looking at the Altcoin although very small, anonymous, but every 20% increase, 30% or even 50% every day at this time BTC pickers will send money to buy Altcoin. May-June statistics: All Altcoin are up, you buy Altcoin also wins. At the level of buy any, only wait a few days is a strong increase (pump). There are many people in this stage have: As soon as the coin A increased, then sell coin B to coin buy A, a little later Ain decreased, coin B increased. (Excluding garbage, once completed in Bittrex). From the recent low point created by Altcoin, most Altcoins are pushed from 3 to 5, even 10 times!So by continuously increasing prices for many days, months, now invisible you have been imposed in mind a new milestone for Altcoin, this price is very high. For example: If the Strat is fluctuating in a month from 39000 STS (1STS = 1 / 100,000,000 BTC), the lowest is 35000, I am sure there will be a dozen investors who have ideas: 32000, 30000 STS is very cheap, buy the hand. And then the more careful people will see: 25000 buy so much, the price never drops to that, too good to buy (The lowest price recorded only 9000 STS). This is similar to any Altcoin, including large copper like ETH. The longer it takes, the more patience is lost, the player waits for the player to lose sight of the price they expect to buy initially, they will default that they can not land on A, B or C. And they bought into Altcoin for short-term trade, surfing. Initially, these players will succeed, buy altcoin wins and delicious than many BTC store. So this stage is to convert the USD / BTC of players to Altcoin, they have now taken all your money. The third spinnerIt can be said that all players buy and hold Altcoin in May 6 and even early July have swung.

By pushing Altcoin prices, you put all your original USD in exchange for Altcoin. The steady price on the second spin caused you not to cut losses when prices fall. If there is a survey, I think at least 80% of traders will die because they do not cut losses. That is the damaging effect of beliefs caused by the second round. What you do not believe is the bottom, but it is still the bottom. Today is the bottom, tomorrow’s landmark is already towering. Altcoin slipped back to a landmark that you did not even imagine. Altcoin’s belief in the extreme. By squeezing BTC and Altcoin prices before August 1, sharks have gathered both BTC and Altcoin at this time. Not the current time (18/08/2017), you have to compare Altcoin prices in US dollars, to know when it is the cheapest. In BTC circuits – Altcoin – USD, usually add a smaller number of rings:- Cheap Altcoin / BTC: To reduce your BTC, although the price in USD is not cheap due to high BTC prices. Then the price of BTC down, you lost a lot of money: Both the BTC, the BTC reduced. – Price Altcoin / BTC high: To fool your feelings, although the price in USD is not high because the price of BTC is now normal, low. To buy altcoin now you need a lot of BTC, shark will take out your BTC or the amount you put in to buy BTC, then buy Altcoin. – Smaller profit margins: There will be a few small profit-taking loops. After high Altcoin / BTC prices, high BTC / USD prices will rise. (Reason: Sharks are exited from Altcoin => BTC, to push the price of BTC to => USD). Drop the price of BTC strong: Get money from people only BTC trade (BTC / USD), often when the number of new investors to hit the threshold, there are signs of decline. I think there is a time when you think you trade any Altcoin, trade only BTC / USD or simply Coin / USD. And actually this is the safe trade, the first fatigue. Sadly, greed and Altcoin trap too perfect plus the mischief of the floor when most small Altcoin pushed up prices 5 times higher than 10 can not trade in USD.

Having to trade in pairs Coin / BTC will make you confused about whether you are profit or loss. If you trade only BTC / USD, really say you did not hole so much. Even though it’s profitable to laugh, it’s all over now. Analyze, predict and plan for the futureFirst of all, let’s just say this is a personal conspiracy, based on what happened. So it’s just a source of information for your reference. In my view, if the cycle repeats as March 2017, the scenario would be as follows:BTC keep the price to the level that people feel about 3k5 is difficult, remember the feeling of BTC about 2k5 was difficult when it was 2k7 and about to reach 3k (May 0517) and then it was burst in how the day 25 / 05/2017 ($ 3000 -> $ 1700, with floor $ 1300, $ 1200 for a few hours). If the match is the same old BTC will have Flash Dump once: discount on the ball type, sell off. Basically money in the BTC now, Altcoin do have blood suck: D, eat money at it most now. If the BTC reduced so fast, it will return very quickly, basically the holder of the BTC damage not too much if not burned Margin account or sell off, but also quite good. After Flash Dump, BTC recovered quite well, BTC went to stable level and increased slightly. Now back to the land for the Altcoin is like the second spin. If you are Margin, I do not have any advice, but if holding Altcoin, according to this reason, Altcoin will become the money back, after the BTC has completed its demonstration: continuous price increase over 1 month (The 1st spin ). If you still have not done anything, wait for the spin 3: Reduced price floors, both the BTC and Altcoin, will be very long that few are yet to the whirlpool 2. Or wait for the second spin to officially start, buy Altcoin and do as you did before, when to buy Altcoin also eat it. And this time it must be afraid, remember to stop lossesThere is a principle of my own investment: When the price is cheap BTC, I put more money to buy BTC, when the price Altcoin cheap I buy more Altcoin, but with Altcoin cheap it is very thin, think cheap when super peak. And finally, when the USDT is cheap: There is a seller lower than 22. 5 or get a BTC price of Remitano / BTC / USD price sometimes you buy is only 22. 3, 22. 2 and even cheaper, now I will increase my USDT number. Every turn has land, the BTC is at the top, Altcoin will be in turn, and eventually there will be times when people put 25,000 or even higher to buy USDT. Finally, if there is nothing unexpected in the coin market, trading the BTC / USD is still the safest and most classic. Now people are away from Altcoin to avoid illness, but then if there are 5 to 10 coin pump, then buy signal in a series of coin, I believe the majority ran away from BTC -> Altcoin soon.. You too, do not have to hide the Altcoin trade, which is a great opportunity to make a profit, but remember to always follow the market to exit BTC / USD when needed. At least before the fluctuations to BTC fate, holding in the BTC or USD is that you can be assured..


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