How Does Geology Relate to Human Experience?

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Geology is within us, from the moment we closed the door and step on the road filled with sand and rocks, to the various minerals we unknowingly utilize in our everyday life.

It has no doubt that our standard of living is entirely dependent to our consumption and used on natural resources. We highly relies on air, light, plants, soil, water and all that can be found in nature for our existence to survive. Simply means that everything we drawn on into our lives have something to do with Earth. Thus, this implies that geology itself is interconnected to humans, simply because humans are the primary inhabitant on the earth.

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The raw materials required to build a house or infrastructure are obtained from the Earth. Even our personal computer at home, television, appliances and toys are made with Earths’ resources. Generally, earth feed us from all the things we need even our wants.

The naturally occurring phenomenon’s like earthquake, droughts, floods, hurricanes, landslides, or volcanic eruptions has an immense effect to the daily lives of human. This is the most obvious connection between geology and human. Every year, there occurred a natural disaster devastating millions of people with a calamitous impact.

How does the study of geology benefit us?

Studying geology is indeed a necessity for us human, as we are part of Earth’s system; our presence alone greatly affects the system to some extent. Knowing it history, origin and structure would greatly help us to control and manipulate our actions to not negatively affect the balance of the Earths’ system.

Studying geology would aid us to pinpoint various environmental and societal issues and understanding geology helps us become educated on geological phenomenon like if there’s an upcoming earthquake or flood we will be well-informed on where should we shift into much safer place.

Geologists who study the society’s environmental problem seek solutions and prevention to alleviate the severity of their impact.

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