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How Exercise Changes Our Lifestyle

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People think that the only thing exercise can do is to make people lose weight, but that is not true. There are so many things that exercising can help you in achieving and it is like a whole new lifestyle for you to explore. If a person only focuses on losing weight via exercise they might soon lose their motivation because losing weight is not a day’s work, it needs time and determination. But when we can’t see the results in front of the mirror we think that as we are not getting the results, exercising is useless. To save ourselves from this sort of dismay we should opt for exercising to create better health, in this way we will be healthy and will lose weight at the same time. Exercise can literally change one’s life if you practice it properly enough. Some things that exercise can do apart from helping us lose weight are:

  • More exercise can make lengthen your life; people who exercise more can live up to x2times more than the usual person and not to mention that they are super healthy too.
  • Exercising will strengthen you, your bones, your heart, and your lungs; in short your whole body. Even a simple thing like walking can increase your bone’s density which can come handy in later life because it will prevent bone thinning conditions and other body issues like arthritis, obesity, common flu, osteoporosis, etc.
  • Exercising will decrease your trips to hospitals. In the future, you won’t need to go tohospitals as you will be fit and healthy.
  • It makes your skin prettier, healthier and fresh looking.
  • Working out makes you flexible and ranges your motion, when you move your muscle sand joints to their extent in full motion they become flexible. You should include t’ai chi, yoga, Pilates, etc in your daily routine to make yourself flexible.
  • Make your eyes better and improves their health.
  • It makes your posture better; by making you walk properly, tall with our head up andproud with a straight back and firm shoulders. It will prevent you from slouching and walking like an old man when you are only 20!
  • Working out decreases one’s risk of injury and builds agility.
  • Makes your heart healthy. Through the activities like aerobics, dancing and running your heart stays healthy and strong.
  • Exercising relieves PMS symptoms.
  • Exercising reduces stress; through a study, we found that exercise is a proven remedy to relieve stress. It increases resilience to fight stress and keep you safe from its effectsthat can be harmful physically as well as mentally.
  • It gives you more confidence.
  • Exercise suppresses your diet, without the need of taking sedatives. If you are healthy and not deprived of certain nutrients than you can control your hunger better than many people who use sedatives suppress their hunger in order to lose weight.
  • Work out sessions build your muscles, this is the most popular thing that exercise can do for you. People aim for building muscles when they start to work out. There are different exercises of strengthening different muscles like weight lifting, weight bearing, legs exercise, pulling, pushing, pumping etc.
  • Improves your chances of getting pregnant. i.e. improves fertility.
  • Increase your energy levels, exercises like aerobic, fast walking, bicycling and swimming make your cardiovascular stamina better, at the same time weight bearing exercises like lifting dumbbells increases your muscular stamina. The better stamina you have the happier, energetic and healthier you will be even in the last stages of your life.
  • It betters your mood. It has been discovered that even the physical activity of 15minutes can quickly better one’s mood. You can choose any sort of physical activity but, choosing to workout will do two things at once; it will make improve your mood and will make you healthy at the same time.
  • Exercising regularly will lessen the problem of blood pressure; it will make your high blood pressure go down.
  • It can make your DNA younger and can lengthen your life. When your entire focus is not on your outer appearance and you care about your inner self too, then in a month or two you will start noticing the change in your body and lifestyle, even if you fail to notice people will notice all the positive changes in you. Exercise really changes you in all the good ways, the only way to believe it is to try it and see for yourself.
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