How Family Thanksgiving Day Can Help with Family Bonding for Filipinos

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  • Introduction
  • Propostion
  • Arguments based on Principle, Practicality/Practicability, necessity, and benefit
  • Conclusion
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Advocacy and Topic: Mental Health (Revision of Proclamation No. 847)

Proposal/Thesis Statement: Making Proclamation No. 847, Family Thanksgiving Day a weekly basis instead of making it every 4th Sunday of September.

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Policy: In this paper, I will argue that the Proclamation No. 847 should be revised and be a weekly basis. Also, aside from making it a weekly basis, the government should organize weekly family activities in every Baranggay. This can be done through the help of Local Government Units.

Program- Long term: LGU’s should make weekly activities that involves the whole family and seminars to parents on how to properly take care of their children.

Project- short term: In this paper, I will show media campaigns about the importance of family for a child and how the presence of parents/guardians affect them. I will also show that family bonding is necessary for a stable mental health.


Mental health is an issue that we should not talk lightly. According, the Philippines has the highest amount of reported depression cases. According to, depression along with anxiety is a common mental health problem.

Mental health is a serious topic which our government is trying to assess. On June 21, 2018, the Philippines recognized mental health as a basic human right. Philippines mental health Law (Republic Act No. 11036, or RA 11036) was passed on the said date. Philippine Mental Health Law aims to help those who have mental health issues by providing mental health services to the barangays so that the problem is assessed nationwide.

Suicide cases are usually associated with mental health problems. According to, “the number of suicide cases and students with mental health has risen drastically”. According to Rappler, “disconnectedness and deterioration of relationships” are usually the reasons why mental health issues exist to a lot of teenagers nowadays. This deterioration is brought by technology and social media.


Mental health issue is related to disconnectedness and deterioration of relationships. With that, I would like to revise the Proclamation No. 847 or also known as Family Thanksgiving Day, to be a weekly basis rather than it being celebrated every 4th Sunday of September. The celebration of Family day will be every Sunday to promote family connection and family bonding. In addition, LGU’s or local government units are to make activities that will include families. The families are not forced to go to such activities, but it is highly recommended. Celebration of Family Day is not limited to going to such activities recommended by the LGU’s. A simple meal time will do. The revision of the proclamation only aims to aid in the celebration of Family day to promote family bonding.

Arguments based on Principle, Practicality/Practicability, necessity, and benefit

The proclamation No. 847, that was signed and proclaimed by the late president Fidel V. Ramos, was a proclamation about the Family Thanksgiving Day. Family Thanksgiving Day is to be celebrated every 4th Sunday of September. However, with the presence of mental health issues and how it is caused by disconnectedness and deterioration of relationships, making Family Thanksgiving Day a weekly basis will be beneficial to the Filipino citizens, the children and those who are suffering from mental health issues. Alongside the celebration of family Thanksgiving Day every Sunday, barangay programs will be done that will include family activities. According to, “family members often provide critical support to persons living with a serious mental illness”. This revision of the proclamation aims to reconnect families through family bonding which is aided by the government.

Celebrating family Thanksgiving Day is practical to us Filipinos. According to, the Philippines has very tight family relations that even date back to pre-Hispanic era. Filipino families are also “based on a culture of respect” It is practical to spend family day every Sunday not only because it promotes family bonding, but also it has been in our culture to be family oriented.

Spending family day on a weekly basis has many benefits to us Filipinos. It promotes family bonding on which, according to, has many benefits. One benefit, according to, is the better communication between family members. According to Ajit Avasthi, M.D., “ [A]ttributes of family as including a strong emotional core, formative influence over individual members, effects on social responsibility and importance of cooperation, among other tenets of functioning. These qualities all have the power to influence mental health.”


The revision of Proclamation No. 847 or also known as Family Thanksgiving Day, to make it a weekly basis, rather than spending it every 4th Sunday of September will be beneficial to us Filipinos. This revision includes a weekly family activity that is to be done by LGU’s. Families are not forced to attend such activities, but attending is highly recommended. The revision aims to aid the celebration of family day but attending on the activities that were set by the LGUs is not the only way to celebrate the said occasion.

Filipinos are known to be family oriented since the pre-Hispanic era. In every occasion, we can see family members and their importance. Because of these, I can see that celebrating Family Thanksgiving Day on a weekly basis is practical and feasible.

Celebrating Family day is beneficial to us Filipinos. According to studies, mental health issues are cause by deterioration of family relationships and disconnectedness. This weekly celebration of Family day promotes family bonding which is beneficial and helpful to prevent and assess mental health issues. According to different studies, the presence of family members affects the mental health of children.


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