How Firefighters Returned the Good Deed of a Waitress


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Liz was on night shift duty as a waitress in a restaurant that day. She decided to send her gratitude in an innovative way to the firemen. And she did not expect anything in return for her sweet gesture. But those firemen had decided to surprise Liz with great news. Sometimes small acts of kindness start a chain of good deeds. As they pass on from one person to another and become a source of happiness to give our heart and mind a peaceful and contented feeling.

Paul Hullings and Tim Young have devoted firefighter from New Jersey and they love their profession. One day they had to work continuously for 12 hours to put out the fire. After finishing their work they realized that it was 6 am and suddenly they felt an urge to have a strong cup of coffee. So they went to a café and ordered steaming coffee there. As Liz Woodward was on duty at that time she heard them talking about the previous night and how they saved people there. When firemen finished their coffee they asked for the bill and they received a message from Liz instead of a bill.

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And the guest check had an adorable message for firefighter said that their bill had been paid by Liz and it was her treat for them. Because she was thankful for what they were doing as a firefighter. And serving society and saving the people at risk of their own lives. Their bravery and courage were worth to appreciate and they were role model for all of us.

Paul and Tim went personally to thank Liz for her courtesy. Later on, Tim shared this experience of Facebook with a picture of guest book receipt. Tim said that it was so revitalizing for us to be appreciated by a waitress. She was a sweet and selfless girl and he wanted to help her somehow to make Liz’s life better.

And a new chapter of this story started there. Firemen happened to learn about the personal life of Liz. And they came to know that her father, Steve, has been living a paralyzed life for five years as he was a quadriplegic and could not move his limbs due to damage of the brain and spinal cord. Liz wanted to buy a wheelchair for his father so that she could take him out for an outing. But she could not afford to buy it due to her limited resources so she decided to raise some donation by setting up a page on social media.

Tim referred people to Liz donation page by telling the story of a waitress and their pleasant experience with her in café who paid for their breakfast. Within a few days, they received a huge turnout by generating more than $70,000. Although Liz required $17,000 for the wheelchair and van for her father.

When Liz got this new from firefighters her family members gathered to thank firemen for their thoughtful campaign that resulted in such a huge response. Liz said all she did only pay for the coffee for firefighter but they gave her a huge surprise by helping Liz. This story is proof that kindness does matter and it never goes unrewarded.

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