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How Football Forecasts Made By Sports Books Work

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Online sports betting has taken an authentic nature card in Nigeria in recent yearsFees that online bookmakers and stablecen for each of the bets that offer users are basically the benefit received by each Naira bet. Let’s put a simple example for those of us who still sound a little Chinese to this betting on the internet. Let’s say that we bet 1 euro that Real Madrid wins a certain match and the odds that the betting house gives us (and that appears on the website next to that bet in question) is 1.5. If the bet is winning, the bettor takes one euro (the amount bet) multiplied by 1.5 (the fee), that is, 1.50 Naira, in addition to receiving back the euro that has bet. It seems easy, right? Above all, because in Nigeria we use so-called decimal odds instead of the fractional odds usually used, among other countries, in Great Britain.

And it is precisely Britain that we can consider as the cradle of sports betting, at least as we know them today.The British have a long tradition in betting on horse racing in particular, a tradition that dates back to the 19th century. With the passage of time and the emergence of the Internet and new technologies, the bets made the transition to the nature online universe and ended up spreading throughout the European continent to become another option in our leisure offer.According to bet9ja vip, Nigeria, a country where sport in general and football in particular are almost religion for many, has not been an exception. Nigeria have welcomed with authentic passion the world of Internet gambling, to such an extent that our country is placed in the lead in Europe in numbers wagered. And not only in sports, but we can bet on events like the winner of a reality show on television or which political party will get more votes in an election.

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The Nigerian authorities approved in 2012 the new Law on the Regulation of Gambling and this has only contributed to the current boom in betting and online gaming in general in our country, putting order and concert in a business that until then was moved in a field lacking sufficient clarity and the necessary protection of consumer rights.Suffice it to say that, according to official government data, only in the third quarter of this year 2017 the Nigerian have placed bets on the different web pages with the proper license to operate in our country for a total amount of 1,321 million Naira. A multi-million-dollar business that also registers a considerable growth rate and where the different operators that offer their services in our country invest significant amounts in advertising to attract customers in an increasingly competitive and mature market. What are the Soccer predictions and odds of betting based on?As a business, online betting houses must take into consideration a number of factors when offering a certain fee for a bet at an event. And if we had to highlight only one of these factors, we would speak of the purest and strictest mathematical probability.

The calculation of statistical probabilities plays a crucial role so that the professionals who work in the betting houses decide to offer their clients a specific quota or quotation.You do not need to be an expert in football or in betting to understand that a match is not the same in which, for example, Barça plays with or without Messi in the team, or that a match is not the same in which the Real Madrid plays against Fuenlabrada in the Copa del Rey when they play against Bayern Munich in the Champions League.We talk about elements such as the difference in level or category between two teams, the recent trajectory of a team in its last matches, the current moment of form of certain players, the previous statistics in clashes between the two teams, if the coach will start all the players of the team considered theoretically holders or if any player of relief is injured for that appointment.All these data are taken into consideration when establishing the final fees for the user of a betting website. And for this, companies have payroll professionals whose profile not only responds to that of an expert in a particular sport, but often also to someone with an academic background in the field of statistics and the calculation of probabilities. Thus, another important component when drawing up the football prediction of England Soccer l is, of course, the potential profit margin that the company can get. After having applied the factors previously exposed to their quotas, you must also add and always take into account a percentage of benefit for the house.

The bookmakers decide to raise or lower the share of a bet also based on the demand that users establish. To understand us, the more people bet on a specific forecast, the quotas will be lower. If there are few users who bet on said forecast, the quotas will be higher for the simple reason that it implies that this forecast is more difficult to be fulfilled.The odds or forecasts may vary depending on all the factors that we have explained, although the bettor can rest assured once the bet has been made since it will be kept with the same quota that was offered when doing it on the web. If there is a section where the quotas suffer permanent variations, this is the one known as live betting.As the name suggests, we talk about the bets that we can make online in a straight line while the football match or the sports event takes place. Making bets directly from your mobile or tablet while watching a football game or a tennis match live has become an incentive that adds an extra element of excitement to the fact that you follow a live sporting event on television. So much so that live betting accounts for around 70% of the total of online bets in Nigeria.For those not initiated into betting, when a friend, family member or co-worker tells us that yesterday he won 45 Naira with a 2.7 odds betting on Atlético’s victory, we must remember what is stated in this article when it comes to elucidating the amount you have wagered and the corresponding profit.


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