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How Has Chemistry Impacted Our Lives?

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Chemistry is important because of all the inventions it has created and of all the things it has explained. If it wasn’t for chemistry, we wouldn’t have the majority of the medicines we have today. In chemistry, they develop and test new medicines which keep us safe and healthy. Even in the past, they used a slightly different form of chemistry to figure out that cocaine could be used as a anesthetic. Chemistry has also improved medicines and found better alternatives just like they found an alternative for cocaine.

Chemistry has also explained and improved a bunch of things like fireworks. It has helped us figure out how to shape fireworks and make them colorful. Chemist have figured out what substances turn what colors when they reach certain temperatures. Chemistry has also helped us figure out the best way to clean. It has figured out the best cleaning detergent for our laundry, dishes, and even ourselves. They learn how these detergents clean and determine which they would have the biggest benefit for. Chemistry has also impacted our world by making our environment safer and cleaner. An example of chemistry making our environment cleaner would be the amount of improvement made on substances we spray into the atmosphere like pesticides. Pesticides used to serve their purpose but have serious consequences.

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Even though they would kill the insects, it would also kill other bugs and plants that were beneficial to the crop. Thanks to chemist, these pesticides have been dissected so much that they now have made the pesticides serve their purpose with no side effects or consequences. It kills the bugs it is supposed to kill and that is it. Even with all the head way we have made in today’s world, they are still discovering and figuring out new technology that can help us better improve and discover more chemicals and substances. Just imagine all the headway we will make in the next 20, 50, or even 100 years. We could discover medicines that could cure cancer or discover new fuels that could replace gasoline that is more plentiful and cheaper.


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